N124Hawk / 18 Apr 3305
Boredom... Simply boredom

I haven't been in the cockpit for weeks. Well, except for an ancient jet plane, and a condor. My one week in the AX zones was very quickly followed by my actual reporting date to the new AEGIS HQ in LA. Admiral Tanner met me personally. "Hawk, I need someone I know I can trust. My job is mostly...

N124Hawk / 24 Mar 3305
It's been a while, old girl

Admiral Y, CMDR N124Hawk LHS 20 Eagle mkII "Shadow" NH-15C Well, the new girl is gone, so I'm going back to an old acquaintance... While Pegasus is my ship, it is also still technically a naval ship, so it's been struck off my register and loaned to Rear Admiral Donovan from Sol 7th...

N124Hawk / 19 Feb 3305
Safe to say I'M NOT HAPPY!!!

Well, my orders came through, and it was not what I expected. While Admiral Tanner has personally asked for me to become part of a new federal anti-Xeno taskforce, I need to prepare my crew, train them, and of course source appropriate weapons systems. Oh, and spend a week waiting for the fighter pilot...

N124Hawk / 18 Feb 3305
A return to the hotseat

"Look, Admiral. I wish I could help more. He'll, I'd give you years off. But the president asked for you personally. You certainly raised some eyebrows in Alpha Centauri the other month, and NLTT 21440. Now, I just need you to meet your new co-pilot. She's a rising star, just finished her mandatory...

N124Hawk / 11 Feb 3305

CMDR N124Hawk, 10/02/05 1305 Palm trees, a cocktail and pearly white sand. Reminds me of my days living in the Australian landmass on earth. Still have a house there, somewhere. But this time I thought I'd splash out on Mars. I can head home next time I get leave. Thought I'd put pen to paper...

N124Hawk / 09 Feb 3305
09023305 FNV PEGASUS- Commander's log

LOG BEGINS- COBRA MKIII, NH-67 CMDR N124HAWK I own it now. Only took a few opal runs in my old cobra, and a few messages back and forth between me and my chain of command. Turns out, between being a naval officer and a PF CMDR, I can be counted as an auxiliary if I so desire, when it comes to matters...

N124Hawk / 08 Feb 3305
Ships log, FNV Pegasus- 07023305

TOP SECRET Rear Admiral , Callsign N124Hawk Personal log, 07 Feb, 3305 Added to ships log 1300 07/2/05 Well, I figure I should start writing down all the daily occurrences and my personal log in the ship's log. We've been out for two days, testing the new ship and building as a crew,...

N124Hawk / 06 Feb 3305
February 6, 3305. Day one

The door opens, and I see two things. First, the group of young men and women formed up next to the pad bridge. Then I notice it... Her. The mighty Pegasus, sitting on the pad, linkages and pipes spewing from all over her dark grey hull. Major Williams, my fighter pilot and second in command, snaps to...

Squadron info

The Fleet is an Independent Squadron; located in the Klamath system. Our Goal is to provide a fun and immersive experience for all commander from Novice to Elite all are welcome! The Fleet conducts the following activities to help new and returning players as well is currently seeking active commanders to help extend these roles: - Combat - Background Simulation - Xeno Research & Defense Our Mission is to Explore, Fight and Profit from our journeys among the stars!

Name: The Colonial Fleet
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPRoleplayDevoted/hardcoreAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCThe Colonial Fleet [TCOF]

Squadron commander: Choopsha
Members: 19
Ships: 195
Supporters: 3
Squadron age: 493 days
Headquarters: Klamath
Minor faction: The Colonial Fleet

In coalition with: