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N124Hawk / 08 Feb 3305
Ships log, FNV Pegasus- 07023305


Rear Admiral [name redacted], Callsign N124Hawk

Personal log, 07 Feb, 3305

Added to ships log 1300 07/2/05

Well, I figure I should start writing down all the daily occurrences and my personal log in the ship's log.

We've been out for two days, testing the new ship and building as a crew, and then this morning I opened my orders. What I thought might just be an anti piracy cruise, maybe thargoids. Turns out it's a war cruise. Were going to the border. Whatever conflict we find there, were to bolster federal forces. Apparently I'm supposed to use my status as a Pilot's Federation CMDR as cover. Well, I'm also an admiral in the Federal Navy. Checks out, I guess, but doesn't mean I'm comfortable with the idea. I'm flying a Corvette, with a naval registration. I don't see how that works as cover, but oh well.

I'm sitting poring over the chart in my quarters. Soon I'll head back to the bridge and use the map system there. At least I can use it to search and things, but I still like using pen paper and a sextant to actually plot a route. SUPER old fashioned I know, but it works. I'll continue writing from the bridge in a few minutes


Ahh, back in my chair. We're sitting parked in normal space, while Miranda Williams, my trusty young fighter pilot, stretches her legs in one of the condors. She's been with me for a while now,, and it's nice to know I have someone I can trust to fly my fighters.vDamn, though, if only we didn't have to have one of us on the bridge, then we could dogfight around the ship. But unfortunately there's an empty seat on the bridge. We've got a "full" crew of 25. But still no second co-pilot...

Hang on, fighter crew chief needs to interrupt.


great, the hangar is now covered in fuel. A Condor just blew a fuel line as they ran an engine run up. Apparently it's a write off, but I'm going to check it out myself. There's something about flying solo for a while that makes me want to see if I can fix it. When I flew the gunship, it was just myself and Lt Williams, we fixed everything and flew the ship ourselves.

More troubling news, and it turns out I definitely need to get used to captaining a crew of any more than one other person. They're getting restless. I'm used to long periods of inactivity, I was an explorer for a while. Cadet Potts, one of the gunners, just ran himself into a wall and hurt his head. The gun crews were rocket racing down the main causeway in Their flight suits. After a stern talk about safety, and proper use of the remlok suit, I've decided were going to find some sort of gravity to put down on tonight. Anyway, I'd better finish the log. Now I've got to write the occurrences before turning in.

FNV Pegasus- 24 hour occurrence log

Mission- military cruise

Date- 07-08 February 3305

Vessel- Federal Navy Vessel Pegasus, Core Dynamics Corvette
Registration- BS-62


0000- log begins. Ship powered down in drop point, 1200ls from star WOLF 397

0600- reveille, nothing to report among crew


0700- departed system, bound for SOL

0717- Interdiction by pirate PYTHON in LHS 1719, assailant jumped away after scanning our vessel

0800- Arrived SOL, dropped from supercrise in vicinity of EARTH MOON, conducted high orbit fighter exercise. 3 hours logged in fighters 1&2 flown by Lt Me. Williams, 2 flown by Admiral L [redacted]

1100- Fault in fighter 2, rendered PERMANENTLY INOPERABLE due to fuel line rupture during engine run up.

1300- Ships log updated, Commander's journal added to log

1300- operations cease for 24 hour period. All crew stood down until 0600, 08FEB3305



Maintenance crew- all in green, repairs conducted on faulty circuit board, bulkhead C1. Design fault. Shield remained fully powered during night, no faults or anomalies detected

Gun crew report all weapons systems fully operational, ammunition stocks stand at

HP1- 2100 rounds Large kinetic munitions

HP2- " "

HP3- 48 missiles onboard, 12 loaded. All silos DISARMED

HP4- 2100 rounds Small calibre. Turret systems all online

HP5- " "

HP6- " "

HP7- " "

Fighter crew report-

1/2 ships online. Fighter one was cannabalised for parts, unusable parts jettisoned. Replacement build is in progress, expected finish time 1500

Total fighter flight time logged- 6 hours.

Fighter 1- Core Dynamics F63 Condor Aegis F, 3.5 hours flown by "Nightwing"

Fighter 2- Core Dynamics F63 Condor Aegis F, logged 2.5 hours, "N124Hawk"

Bridge report- See Commander's personal log, uploaded to ships log, 1300, 07 Feb 3305


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