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N124Hawk / 11 Feb 3305

CMDR N124Hawk,


Palm trees, a cocktail and pearly white sand. Reminds me of my days living in the Australian landmass on earth. Still have a house there, somewhere. But this time I thought I'd splash out on Mars. I can head home next time I get leave. Thought I'd put pen to paper (yes, literally. Had to scour the galaxy for an actual paper notebook, so might as well use it) and actually start a diary. Not my ramblings on the Pegasus' log, but some little interesting stories.

Today, I think, a little about myself. I doubt anyone will actually read this, but you never know. I was born in Eta Cassiopeiae to a naval officer and my mother, a political envoy. Pretty quickly, we shifted to Sol, My father got promoted, and was off on a Farragut, while my mother became a congresswoman. We moved to Earth. The landmass once known as Australia, actually. Somewhere on the east coast. Nice beaches, and damn beautiful weather. Lived there until I turned 17, and followed my Dad (rest his soul) into the navy. I know my way around an F63 as much as I know my childhood neighbourhood. There's nothing as free as plunging into a combat area in a fighter, knowing that you can outrun and outmaneuver anything. Even now, 20 years later I still leave Pegasus in the good hands of Major Williams to fly the fighter.

Speaking of which, there's a letter on my desk... I've been avoiding opening it, but since I'm back at the starport tomorrow morning, I'd better read it.


I wish I hadn't. I simply wish I hadn't. Miranda is dead... Crashed a taipan in a canyon run. Who knows who I'll get for a fighter pilot now, but for now I'm putting this diary on hold. Where'd I stash that brandy...
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The Fleet is an Independent Squadron; located in the Klamath system. Our Goal is to provide a fun and immersive experience for all commander from Novice to Elite all are welcome! The Fleet conducts the following activities to help new and returning players as well is currently seeking active commanders to help extend these roles: - Combat - Background Simulation - Xeno Research & Defense Our Mission is to Explore, Fight and Profit from our journeys among the stars!

Name: The Colonial Fleet
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
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Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

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  • PCThe Colonial Fleet [TCOF]

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Headquarters: Klamath
Minor faction: The Colonial Fleet

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