NomadRomeo / 29 Apr 3305
USS Honrada Loira - Homenagem à minha Avó

Após seis meses de expedição estou a caminho da Terra. O objetivo principal foi alcançado, levar minha Imperial Cutter, nomeada em homenagem à minha querida avó, até Beagle Point. 65,000 anos Luz de casa. Fiz esta viagem para honrar a memória da minha avó, realizando a minha maior exploração interestelar. Dahyr,...

Latchspring / 28 Jan 3305
The Most Intense Engineer Unlock I've had

Flying my Anaconda (Annieruok) with NPC Hangar and Mining setup Mined Painite for ~1 hr and get 16 tons Went back to Ray Gateway to change my ship but instead had to change load-out from mining to PvE as my long hauler doesn't have enough cargo space (only 8t) Start heading to Selene Jane which...

Barnesy72 / 20 Jan 3305
First Voyage Into The Black

Commander's Log #001 - January 20th, 3305 2702.01 Ly from Sol. Sitting here in a small mining outpost in the Elephant's Trunk Nebula, I have decided to begin writing a journal. Both to chronicle my travels through Deep Space, and to keep myself sane as I plan to spend a long time away from human company. After...

Capite / 21 Nov 3304
Expansion of the fleet...

I must admit, I surprised myself with the decision. As a newly acquired commodore the decision to christen a new cutter for xeno hunting was a tough decision. As I've previously gathered plenty of information about Guardian tech, I figure it might be good to put the knowledge to use. But in order to...

Arkadi Kreven / 15 Nov 3304
Press Embargo on AXI?

#Public Node: Anonymous Com Link Upload# #activate subroutine: spreading news# Hello Commanders! There has been a lot of talk about "The Far God Cult" lately and about the Thargoid invasion. But it really is strange how hard it is to get any information about the systems actually threatened...

Arkadi Kreven / 21 Oct 3304
The enemy of my enemy...

3304-10-21 / LFT 78 Now that I am back in the bubble with a lot of Guardian technology samples, I decided to buy an Alliance Chieftain, to equip it with that brand new ancient technology, to be ready to fight some of the meaner Thargoid vessels. I assembled a first fast build with the help of some...

Arkadi Kreven / 04 Oct 3304
Excavation project completed

3304/10/4 SYNUEFE EU-x xxx-xx SYSTEM Today I have found the last piece of Guardian technology I was looking for. Finally I can go home. I think in my home-town summer must have past. I didn't track time out here. But it must have been close to three months I spent among the ruins of this lost civilization....

Arkadi Kreven / 22 May 3304
Last Exit: Passanger Cruiser

So I did everything I can think of in this galaxy and I have learnt that I will not be a real combat ace any time soon. Sure I can rule most combat-zones and res-sites and I can defeat most pirate scum that crosses my way. But when I face real competition - this means other Pilots Federation Commanders,...

Arkadi Kreven / 17 Mar 3304
Brestla, where the non-elite scum meets and greets

I had to get busy to meet my selfimposed agenda. Fight the Thargoids in the human civilized zone. The guys on the comms were littering the aether all about this: "Alien Invasion", "Bugs are coming closer", even Gal-Net broadcasted about project Eagle-Eye. I needed to be ready. That's...

Arkadi Kreven / 11 Mar 3304
Archeology-Rush in the Synuefe Systems

I plunder, sack and ravage the remains of the Guardians cabbage, I talk nonsense and still I got the blueprints from that extinct's race ruins On the way back, I put my name on strange planets And with all that time jumping I try to write this sonets. So what else can I do, but follow the...
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Squadron info

We are Anti Xeno Initiative (AXI) and we defend humanity from Thargoids. As far as we know, we are the biggest AX group in the game, but we don't take all the credit. The membership here is non-binding, as in, you can also be a member in any other group you want. Our interests lie only in Anti-Thargoid actions.

Name: Anti Xeno Initiative
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvERelaxed/casualFamily/mixedDevoted/hardcoreOpenPrivate groupSoloAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersMentorsHumanitarian aid providers

In-game squadron name:

Squadron commander: Gluttony Fang
Members: 227
Ships: 3462
Supporters: 128
Squadron age: 317 days
Headquarters: HR 1185 [Ceres Tarn]
Minor faction: Anti Xeno Initiative

In coalition with: