Reid6Jenna3 / 02 Jan 3306
A New Year of problems

I was right all along that the allies that helped me were going to try something. So i was walking back to my ship in the long, dark and dry aired corridors of the station when I heard a large boom and seconds later emergency sirens started blaring and the ATC said that a ship in pad 40 just had its...

Reid6Jenna3 / 21 Dec 3305
Proving Grounds

I’ve been doing a little bit of bounty hunting to test out the ability’s of the Typhoon and I wasn’t satisfied with what she was being tested with. So I brought her to a war zone. I of course went to the largest battle in the system and its safe to say it did better than expected. The fight was extremely...

Reid6Jenna3 / 15 Dec 3305
Death Trap Becomes a Scrap Heap

I’ve never told anyone even my crew but the Reaper was a death trap for anyone who was hired to pilot fighters. The fighter bay would half the time close before launch of a fighter and launch it right into the bay in which it was held and the power plant was just behind that so I lost all power on more...

Reid6Jenna3 / 30 Nov 3305
A New Venture

So after doing a bit of bounty hunting with my new “apprentice” I’ve decided that I would go and do something that I’ve put off of doing for so long and thought I would come back to it. I’ve been wanting to set up a mining business where people can come get free ores from me while getting any repairs...

Reid6Jenna3 / 28 Nov 3305
A new beginning

During one of my usual combat patrols I got a message from one of my old friends saying he got his license to fly as a commander. I was happy for him and decided to meet him in The Arare system and he was amazed to see such a big ship mere hours after getting his license. He wanted to do some combat...

Reid6Jenna3 / 21 Nov 3305
Small mining expedition almost leads to disaster

I was docked in fozard port in upaniklis when lots of contracts started being sent to me personally asking me to kill a civilian cruise ship. I was not wanting to do this as was outfitted for mining and I did not want to fly all the way back to my home system to get it reoutfitted so I decided to go...

Reid6Jenna3 / 20 Nov 3305
A large dent in operation

I was on my way to upaniklis as it’s rings are pristine for mining and I outfitted the Reaper to do some deep core mining and I started getting interdicted without warning. I look down at my radar to find another commander interdicting me. I had no cargo or bounty’s so I was confused but I tried to fight...

Reid6Jenna3 / 19 Nov 3305
Discovery of the century

Having a ship that is made for almost any purpose is a serious upside as I can bring it to any role within mere hours and with an AI that’s sentient i can do almost anything a two person crew could barely do alone. But I’m not writing this to talk about that I’ve finally found out what that yellow line...

Reid6Jenna3 / 18 Nov 3305
Another day another mission

My recent encounters with almost supernatural things has got me on edge.but receiving a transmission from the mega ships in Upanklis has got me a little more relaxed as I know that I have many commanders in the system that are willing to help in anyway possible. I have bought a Type-6 for small cargo...

Reid6Jenna3 / 18 Nov 3305
Peculiar days

After my encounter I explained in my last log and the ship fixed I took the Reaper back out to do some cargo runs. Everything was running as normal although I told my COVAS to monitor all systems very carefully for anything that is different about them but especially the power plant. I was about to...
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Squadron info

The Dragons of Grendel are an Elite squadron supporting Felicia Winters, facilitating a Federal Reintegration Program, designed to give commanders the skills and resources to excel in an increasingly dangerous galaxy. Many commanders face adversity whether it be from pirates, thargoids, imperial slave runners, or the engineers, The Dragons of Grendel are equipped to assist in all aspects of space life.

Name: The Dragons of Grendel
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Felicia Winters
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPCQCRoleplayRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedDevoted/hardcoreOpenPrivate groupSoloAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersPower supportersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PS4The Dragons of Grendel [TDOG]

Squadron commander: Grendelshogun
Members: 42
Ships: 570
Supporters: 3
Squadron age: 379 days
Headquarters: Grendel [Skvortsov Dock]
Minor faction: Progressive Party of Grendel

In coalition with: