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Dragonxfangz / 01 Oct 3303

"Get ready with Plan B" Adamantium said turning to Fangz without blinking.

"Plan B?  Really?" Fangz asked sounding concerned.  Plan B was a last resort option, was Adamantium really considering this option?

"We need to be ready.  If something should happen we need to be prepared for the worst.  Plan B." Adamantium replied without hesitating as he waved to Furieux to join him on Delaine's ship.

Fangz Slowly turned around and made his way out of the hangar of pad 40, walking passed DowCow without a word as he focused on the plan of action.  The walk from pad 40 to his own hangar at pad 25 shouldn't have taken too long but seemed like it took a lifetime.  He had been asked by Adamantium to execute their last resort plan.  Purge the docking cylinder.

Fangz closed the distance to pas 25 and opened the hangar door, making his way over to the loading ramp of his own Anaconda.  Without stopping to speak to any of the engineers or painters working on the ship Fangz opened the door to the bridge and locked it behind him.

"Arbiter.  Give me the PA." He asked as he took a seat in his command chair and brought it around to face the front.

"Attention.  May I have your attention please?  All station personnel within hangar 25, this is Commander Fangz.  I need you to evacuate the area.  There is a Code Black situation in effect and the docking cylinder may be purged in the next hour.  Please, as quietly as you can to avoid suspicion, get all station personnel out of the cylinder.  Repeat there is a Code Black situation in effect." He announced before ending the transmission.

"Repeat that broadcast and send it to every pad excluding 40.  Make sure the cylinder is clear before the purge.  If we need to do this we're not killing the civilian population here too." Fangz explained as he entered the stations system diagnostics.  Station power was sitting at 23%.  Not enough.

"Crap.  If we don't have enough power to purge the cylinder Archon might get away with this BS." Fangz growled as he looked around trying to figure out an alternative.  

"Arbiter.  Check the hangars of every pad.  Out of every one of them, how many have ships docked?" Fangz asked, an idea forming in his head.

"Scanning.  Out of the 45 pads, 17 have ships docked while there are 3 more awaiting access to the station." Arbiter explained.

"17?  Out of those 17 how many are class 3?" Fangz asked as he began calculating the power needed.

"Of those 17 docked we have 4 class 3, including ourselves and 5 class 2." Arbiter replied.

"Good.  I'm assuming the other class 3 ships, one of them is Archon's Anaconda?" Fangz asked with a grin, his idea might be possible.

"It is, we have a Corvette and a Beluga docked with a few Pythons and ASPs docked too.  What is the plan Commander?" Arbiter asked.

"Get into contact with the other ships docked with a decent power plant.  See if they can divert some of their power into the station's power plant, just enough to enable the purge system.

"If we do this all of those ships will be destroyed." Arbiter warned as the comms panel lit up.

"If we don't and Archon gets his way, all of those ships and their Commanders will be destroyed.  We're sitting at 23%.  We need 7%, 6 at a push.  Make the request and prepare for minimum power.  If we have to we will divert every ounce of power we can spare to power the purge.  Send the request." Fangz announced as he waited for the ping of the responses from the other ships.


Several minutes passed as the docked ships connected with Arbiter and sent a ping back on the comms system.  All but one was able to divert power from their power plant into the station.  Bringing the station to 31%.

"Perfect.  We have just enough juice to initiate the purge if we need to.  Scan Archon's Anaconda.  Check to see if Adamantium and Furieux are still alive." Fangz said, his heartbeat quickening at the thought of two of his friends lying dead in the Anaconda, or dumped on the pad.

"Scan complete.  No signs of either Commander on the ship.  Commander, the Anaconda is leaving." Arbiter announced.

"What?  Scan the station.  Find Adamantium and Furieux.  Now." Fangz ordered as he watched Archon leave the station.

"I have them.  They're in the Star and Garter." Arbiter replied after a few moments.

"And they didn't think to tell me?  Damn them.  Ping the other ships.  They can power down while the engineers work on the repairs to the station.  Time to find out what trouble they two have managed to get us into now." Fangz said with a sigh as he stood up from the command chair and made his way out, heading towards the Star and Garter.
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Squadron info

Name: 8th Dragon Squadron
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Mohizz
    Members: 53
    Ships: 352
    Supporters: 11
    Squadron age: 1342 days
    Headquarters: Patocuda [Coney Gateway]
    Minor faction: 8th Dragon Squadron

    In coalition with: