Logbook entry

Dragonxfangz / 06 Oct 3303

"I still can't believe how big this ship is." Shap said as he leaned over the co-Commander chair and looked around the small bridge of the Python.  Fangz smiled and shook his head as he turned to face his fellow Commander.  

Shap had spent the last few months flying his Type 9 Heavy doing quiet trade runs.  After he dropped by the Star and Garter in Coney Gateway he and Fangz got to talking again, how Shap missed the small sorties, working together in their two Vultures to take down Anacondas and Clippers the like.  It didn't take long for Fangz to ask Shap if he wanted to take the side seat for a bit of action.

"You've been out of the game for a long time Shap.  With the enhancements made by the Engineers to different systems ships are stronger than ever.  If you go out there you're going to get yourself killed." Fangz explained as he rolled Arbiter over while the two were talking outside of the station.  Shap sitting in his Type 9 heavy transport ship.

"I know but you've been out there all the time.  You know what to expect.  If i've got you watching my back I'll be fine." Shap said flashing his ships headlights at Fangz.

"No you won't.  If I turn my back on you for one second the pirates at the beacon will melt through your hull like a plasma blade through butter.  I've got an idea though." Fangz said trailing off as he requested docking permission.


An hour later, after the two large ships had docked and a few drinks at the Star and Garter, Fangz and Shap were both seated in Dovah.  Fangz's Python.  Shap was in awe mostly as he looked around the small bridge of the Python, taking all of the details including the two medical kits located under the two main bulkheads.

"Stop gushing.  Your T9 is bigger than this." Fangz said with a hint of frustration as he peered out of the canopy, watching the star slowly edge closer and closer.

"Yeah but this thing is still pretty big.  I thought this thing would have a small cockpit like the Vulture." Shap explained as he faced his front again and looked out of the canopy.

"The Vulture is small compared to this.  It only seats two people but who in their right mind flies a Vulture with a co-pilot?" Fangz said bluntly as the compromised nav beacon slowly came into view.

"I know that but still.  Just look at the size of this thing.  The cockpit in the T9 is tiny." Shap said taking another look around.

"Eyes front Shap.  We're about to drop down." Fangz said as he disengaged the FSD and dropped the Python into normal space around the beacon.

"Gets me every time I see that." Shap commented as they dropped into normal space around the beacon, the other ships in the area flashing into their view through the canopy.

"Same here.  But keep sharp.  We're going to get scanned any minute now.  You won't have much to do sitting there.  I've got fixed weapons but that panel below you." Fangz started as he pointed down below Shap.

"Aye?" Shap asked as he looked down, bringing the panel into his view.

"Ship status.  It'll give you info on what's hitting us and if it's kinetic or thermal.  It'll also tell you the strength of our shields.  Do me a favour.  Let me know when they dip below 40%." Fangz explained as he looked around at the target rich environment in front of him.

"Roger that Commander." Shap said with a grin that Fangz spotted before a Clipper dropped in front of their view.

"And what are you hauling?" The clipper pinged as it deployed it's hardpoints.

"Several thousand rounds of hull piercing bullets!"  Shap shouted as Fangz pressed his trigger and engaged the Clipper with Beams and Multi-Cannons.  Almost an hour later the pair were laughing at the enemy ships they came against, rapidly dropping their shields with three fixed lasers then ripping chunks of their hull off with the cannons.

"Wow!  This has been brilliant.  Over a million in credits earned through combat.  It's been a long time." Shap said with a sigh as he looked at the credit bounty.

"It's not over yet.  Check out the Scout up ahead.  More money to be made." Fangz commented as he targeted the ASP Scout.

"Shields are sitting at 65%.  You sure about this?" Shap asked sounding a little worried.

"Don't worry so much.  We've got this." Fangz said trying to reassure Shap as he pulled the trigger and engaged the Scout.  Suddenly there were flashes of light coming from two different directions as the Scout turned around.  Fangz snapped his gaze to the info panel and spotted a detail he'd missed.  Wing 3/3.

"Balls.  It's in a wing of three!" Fangz announced as he moved power from his engines to his shields to give them some extra power.

"We've got this he says." Shap commented as he looked down and continued to monitor the shield strength.  The fight lasted a lot longer than either Commander expected.  The Scout popped in a new minutes but the Cobra MkIII and the Viper MkIII that were buzzing around the Python were slowly chipping away at their shields.

"Hold on, it's about to get toasty in here." Fangz said as he deployed his final Shield Cell Bank and the internal temperature of the ship climbed.

"Shields charging, we're back to 65%.  Damn it's hot." Shap complained.

"Shut up and keep an eye on the shields!" Fangz ordered as he focused on bringing down the other ships.  The fight lasted another few minutes before the Viper finally blew into pieces under the sustained damage from the beams.  The Cobra was still buzzing around the Python, peppering their shields with scatter cannon shells.  The Python with it's grade 3 Dirty Drives was able to come around and keep the enemy in Fangz's sights.  

"3%..." Shap warned as the Cobra lost it's shields.  Fangz could feel the sweat flowing down his neck, hoping the repair costs wouldn't be too high.

"2%..." Shap said sounding more and more worried as he glanced over to Fangz who was focused purely on the fight, his eyes glancing over to the hull state of the enemy ship.

"1% we're about to lose shields." Shap warned as there was a flash of bright light.  The Cobra erupting into flames.

"Clear." Fangz called as he leaned back and let out a massive sigh before erupting into a fit of laughter.  Shap glanced over looking concerned.

"We almost lost our shields and could have been in a lot of trouble there." He said sounding more angry then anything.

"I'm Deadly for a reason Shap.  Besides I did tell you." Fangz said turning to face him with a grin on his face.

"Tell me what?" Shap asked sounding confused.

"We got this."
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Squadron info

Name: 8th Dragon Squadron
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Mohizz
    Members: 53
    Ships: 352
    Supporters: 11
    Squadron age: 1342 days
    Headquarters: Patocuda [Coney Gateway]
    Minor faction: 8th Dragon Squadron

    In coalition with: