Logbook entry

Dragonxfangz / 16 Oct 3303

Locking down for the evening.  Spent most of my short time behind the stick trying to gain access to the Sirius system.  I've been allied with The Sirius Corporation for a while now but never seemed to get a permit from them.  Until now.

Was pottering about in the Procyon system which is SC controlled.  Within an hour they had sent me a message informing me of a permit opportunity.  I jumped at the chance.  Here I was expecting to have to go through a million hoops, or jump several hundred Light Years at the very least.  But no.  I accepted the "mission" and the permit was issued to me.  It was the permit to speak to Marco Qwent that turned into a pain in the ass.

I had to jump to 4 different systems completing a chain of missions taking data from one system to the next.

And then to top it all off it turns out that he wants 25 units of Modular Terminals before he'll even allow me access to his workshop.  What an Arse.  Does he even know how difficult it is to find them?

I was offered three by a Commander I spotter passing through the SIrius system but he asked me to drop out by Marcos' workshop, but i'm no tool.  I've already been shot at by the defenses The Dweller has at his workshop.  I'm not about to pop my new Corvette because some idiot wants to give me three Modular Terminals "for free".

Guess I'm going to head out to Sothis or something so see if they're offering missions with the terminals as a reward.  I'm sure I've dumped a few hundred out there by mistake before.  

Do you like it?

Squadron info

Name: 8th Dragon Squadron
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Mohizz
    Members: 53
    Ships: 352
    Supporters: 11
    Squadron age: 1342 days
    Headquarters: Patocuda [Coney Gateway]
    Minor faction: 8th Dragon Squadron

    In coalition with: