EvilLate / today
La milla azul

Llevo un buen número de saltos encontrándome planetas acuosos, y algún terrestre tipo Tierra. Ayer descubrí mi primer ELW sin catalogar, y estoy bastante contento. Parece que en este sector, en la linea sur de la burbuja, hay una concentración inusual de planetas en la zona habitable de sus respectivos...

Mike Probably / today
Landing Pad 07 - breaking

Lack of sleep. Too many stations burning. The red glow behind the mail slot became the eye of a monster, ready to devour the ship – but already busy killing people. Not facing it was never an option. Not without losing all the meaning. I jumped rescue vessels two or three times, then figured it...

Bodhi ExPres / today
Private log: #001 - Conflicted

Ok here goes, I've always hated the idea of these damn pilots logs but I can't not tell anyone how I'm feeling. It's these damn bugs, I'm lucky, I got out to Colonia just before they started attacking Palin. There are commanders I know back there defending and dying for our part of the galaxy, but...

Urania Minora / yesterday
Commander's Log: Julian Date 2928385.840

Well, "Frye" or whatever his name is was right....  I wonder if he was really with Federal Intelligence, Section 42, or if he's part of another organization. I hear there are remnants of INRA still operating in dark places. Then again you hear a lot at starport bars. Raxxla, Dark Wheel,...

Mike Probably / 18 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07

The mistakes began some hours after the familiarities started. After the deck officer gave the order to keep the landing pad clear. “He’ll be back in 10”, was all she said. “Bet it will be more like five”, was the answer she got from someone in her crew. Heard it in the rush of the engines starting...

EvilLate / 14 Jul 3305
En el valle inquietante

- Dryaa Phoe KY-F d12-0: en el cuerpo 4A (-48,53 -28,33) me he encontrado con un extrañisimo valle. Lo primero que me ha inquietado essu formación. Para ser un planeta extramadamente pequeño, esta formación tiene un sentido geológico muy complicado: ¿Cómo se ha formado? El núcleo está muerto. Además,...

EvilLate / 07 Jul 3305
Punto de ¿no? retorno

- Dryaa Phoe VZ-M d8-0 - He alcanzado mi máximo seguro. He llegado a este sistema sin necesidad de inyección, pero para llegar al siguiente sistema "verde" tengo que hacer al menos media docena de saltos inyectados y no me fío de si conseguiré llegar y volver. He visto el vacío que hay entre...

EvilLate / 06 Jul 3305
Recopilando jumponium

-  Dryaa Phoe JP-G c27-0 - (46.21 / 91-79) - He despertado con la misión de hacer acopio de un buen puñado de materiales para inyectar mi FSD y, qué sorpresa, me he topado con una nave estrellada y una cápsula en estasis con un tripulante a bordo. No tiene placa y no puedo acceder a su núcleo de información...

EvilLate / 02 Jul 3305
3305.07.02 - Hacia el fin de la galaxia

NOTE: There is almost no lore, logbooks o info written in Spanish, so, I decided to add a little effort to roleplaying for all the Spaniards that inhabit this massive universe of ours. Sorry for the inconvenience, if you think it may be any. I hope you enjoy the views, though. Tras mucho debatirlo...

Badpenny Belle / 10 Jun 3305
Weekend Wreckage Wreview

Personal log: 06/10/3305 I overestimated the power of my prismatic shields. Against a pirate with FSD shutdown, I didn't last two minutes. I can't help wonder what the pirates did with all those Thargoid Links. Did they bother picking them up even? Probably not. Those things are poison if your ship...
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Squadron info

Name: Canonn
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvERoleplayRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedDevoted/hardcoreOpenPrivate groupSoloAnti-xeno activistsExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • XBoxCanonn [Cano]
  • PCCanonn [Cano]
  • PS4Canonn [Cano]

Squadron commander: Clarion-Z
Members: 575
Ships: 4783
Supporters: 311
Squadron age: 1291 days
Headquarters: Varati [Thompson Dock]
Minor faction: Canonn
Minor faction: Canonn Deep Space Research

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