General Kenobi / 06 Feb 3306
They're Real!

I was running rescue missions for a station, CANN RELAY that had supposedly been hit by a thargoid attack...the damage was extensive like i have never seen but until just now i doubted the existence of these thargoids. I am no longer a non believer...during a routine resuppy run to SHENVE i was inderdicted...

Botfly08 / 15 Jan 3306
Finally got the space

Just landed on HIP 17403 A 4 A After a long grind to get the anti corrosive cargo-hold built I thargoid artifact is collected and now moving onward to the rest of the puzzle I have no Idea what is to come of this, but we're going to find out had an odd ship scan upon arrival, but to my knowledge...

Lololinono / 11 Jan 3306
Log 1-My story part 1

* Check Check* Lolo- Is this thing working? Assistant- Yes sir Lolo- Then i should get started....        - Where to begin? I guess the story of how i got here, seated in front of  a recorder telling my  memories. should do... Damn you Tan... I understand that it's important for the squad and...

General Kenobi / 04 Jan 3306
In search of cultural enrichment...

Ive been spending far too much time in federation and imperial space... i miss the fiddles, banjos, flutes...the cozy heater lit bars and shisha joints...even the fried filter shrimp...its time to head back to Lave. Kate's bored out of her tree too and the ships cat needs new toys...she keeps tearing...

Tan Bin Phan Nguyen / 17 Dec 3305

When an object in motion accelerates, its mass increases. So increases the energy required to accelerate the object further, which would itself further increase its mass. Thus the law of diminishing returns does its work. Good thing our FSD lets us kick both Newton and Einstein in the balls at the same...

Tan Bin Phan Nguyen / 27 Aug 3305

Gods, I've been so busy I completely forgot about this thing. It's been a fair spot since I've managed to make time to introspect and spin out some words for the logbook. Frankly, it's been long since I even thought to try to make the time for it.  That's a shame and it's time for a remedy. I've...

Sovereign Santana / 07 Aug 3305
Living as a free man

Last time I wrote, I was fresh outta handcuffs. This time, well, not quite. I realized there's nothing better than freedom, actually. I'll try and stay out of trouble. I payed a visit to the nebula called Taurus Dark Region. Y'all know me, I had to take some pics. That big black thing is Taurus...

Sovereign Santana / 28 Jul 3305
Not the first time in the can...

Well, had to get back to Robigo once again. Earn some cash. As per usual. Basically, I was transporting some ungrateful criminal idiots and someone scanned me as I was approaching Hauser's Reach... I fu*king hate that place. I quickly rushed into the station and turned off silent running, enabling my...

Tan Bin Phan Nguyen / 24 Jul 3305
The grim prospect of extended conflict

These last 2 weeks have been exceedingly grueling. It seems that every aspect of my life has increased its pace seven fold. While Arbor Caelum grows in numbers, this involves a great deal of logistics and communication. Delegation has been a skill I've forced myself to learn, there is simply no way for...

Tan Bin Phan Nguyen / 08 Jul 3305

Four bloody days later. Four days of hammering the belligerent NBS. Sure, maybe they didn't have anything directly to do with the troubles on Wā Kāinga, or "A 6" as foreigners and dispassionate corporate overlords call it, but they are directly controlled by Blue Natural Industries. And...
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Squadron info

Arbor Caelum is comprised of a core group of Commanders ranging from greenhorn to veteran. We are dedicated to developing the growth and advancement of all of our members and affiliates. In the short term, we are focused on growing our numbers and increasing the status and capability of our dedicated pilots. Joining Arbor Caelum means joining a family of Commanders and mentors who will assist you in any way we can. In Arbor Caelum, arbor and ardor.

Name: Arbor Caelum
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: -08:00 (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

PvECQCRoleplayRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedDevoted/hardcoreOpenPrivate groupAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCArbor Caelum [ARCM]
  • XBoxArbor Caelum [ARCM]

Squadron commander: Tan Bin Phan Nguyen
Members: 157
Ships: 815
Supporters: 9
Squadron age: 253 days
Minor faction: Arbor Caelum Internal Defense

In coalition with: