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Keltorx / 19 Sep 3305
Training wheels off

This morning I woke up with a purpose deeply set in my mind: it was time to leave the Pilot's Federation District.

Not only was it time to take off the training wheels of Pandorica II, my trustworthy Viper MkIII, it was time to fit in an upgraded A.I. on my ship. Enter EDDI. Once I get to know my new A.I., it will be time to say goodbye to the always-welcoming dock at Dromi, Mawson Dock, and begin my journey to my squadron's headquarters at Turir. Also, given the fact that soon enough I will be traveling outside of the Federation's safe space, I had to interiorize the concept of travel and work without my training wheels on, it is time for the real world. So, as good practice, I began setting up every possible tool I could find to properly map my route and any potential trade opportunities. Although with just 8 tons of cargo I had no idea what I was thinking to earn with that, at least for the measly cost of refueling in case I didn't have the chance to stop by a scoopable star.
The next step was to redeem any remaining combat vouchers and before leaving, I was planning to look at the conflict simulation area because my all too moronic ego thought that entering a warzone would be a piece of cake from previous combat experiences. I could not have been any more wrong. Entering the conflict between the Alpha and Omega factions, I decided by a simple coin flip that I would support Alpha, so I headed down to the nearest outpost controlled by said faction and accepted as many takedown missions as possible to about 10 ships to destroy. Refueled and restocked I headed down to the nearest Low Intensity Conflict Zone and targeted a Novice ASP Scout. Full pips to engine to gain a maneuverability advantage and position myself behind my target, and I set ablaze my fixed 2E Pulse Lasers while sending all my energy to weapons. With almost (again, ALMOST), perfect marksmanship, the ASP’s shields are down and I prepare to release my 1E fragment cannons in conjunction with the Pulse Lasers. This is the point I hear a warning, “Taking hull damage”, I panicked, my shields had never been down and much less had my hull bean breached before. Thank god, I fit a hull reinforcement before coming here, but it was not enough. As I tried to escape boosting away from the conflict zone, I watched in terror as my hull reached that dreaded 0%...I woke up in Fuzong Base, only to be interrogated by my insurance broker, telling me I need to pay close to 20,000 credits to get my ship with all its modules. I said yes without thinking it twice and I immediately set my FSD target outside of the Orna Star System, Conflict zones are a no-go for me at the moment. Completely devastated by my not even close to decent performance at the conflict zone I decided to part towards the Turir system, but to my surprise, Pandorica II decided to have complete shutdown after the first jump. I guess it was her way of saying, call it a day Commander; and with that, I went to bed.

Can’t forget to set a few notes for my not so soon I guess trip to Turir then.
Note to self: fit the best fuel scoop available and pack as much coffee as I can without reducing considerably my jump range.

Another note to self: remember to plan your route with as much sightseeing locations as possible. I sincerely believe Azula and Momo, my two rescued cats some place too close from the airlock, enjoy the view just as much as I do.
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19 Sep 3305
Training wheels off
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Allegiance: Empire
Power: Denton Patreus
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (London)

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Squadron commander: Evil Tactician
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Headquarters: Turir [Brooks Terminal]
Minor faction: IP3X Corporation

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