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Dra'zen / 19 Oct 3305
Something strange is happening

The date is 19/10/3305, I am currently docked in the Turir System.

Recently I have been feeling strange, my thoughts are vague and restless. The medics are not worth the credits, everyone I have seen in the last  5 systems say the same, nothing wrong just a viral infection take these pills and in 2 days, 3 at most you’ll be feeling yourself again, it’s been 4 weeks now I don’t believe it’s a viral infection.

Last night, and this sounds bad I realise, I heard a voice? But not a voice it was more a suggestion of a voice pleading with me to go home.

Where is home? Not Turir as I’m already here, sat at the Galaxy map my hands started to move, searching for something then suddenly there was Sagittarius A*.

I need to go there but why? That’s not my home, I look for another system to journey to but again Sagittarius A* is centred on my screen.  

I set course, realising that I could not make the jump straight there I looked for various routes, should I use the Neutron Highways? Sure it’s fast but fast is not always better; maybe I’ll take a mixture of Neutron Star jumps and normal jumps.

Now that I have set course the restlessness has subsided and I feel more determined to go but it’s a long way, almost 25850 Ly, recently I came across a derelict ship whose database contained a whole load of moving picture files from the early 21st Century known as Movies.

Maybe I can get my computer holo-emitters configured to display them during the long boring hours of hyperspace jumps and in system refuelling.
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Allegiance: Empire
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Language: English
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