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DNA-Decay / 13 Oct 3305
A History of the Alliance from In Game Sources

Details under spoilers, but headlines capture the story.
Number refers to tourist beacon.

Long live the Caker Rebellion!
Long live the Alliance!


2452 Alioth ("Fruitcake" colonised by Federation.
Tourist Beacon 0115 - Alioth History -Alioth
After the war between Achenar and the Federation concluded in 2380, the Federation looked to find new resources elsewhere. In 2398, the first of a new wave of colonial missions was sent to the outermost sectors in the opposite direction to the Empire and Lave. Alioth was colonised in 2452. Survey data and reports had already indicated the rich resources of the system before settlement, but he resources proved richer than expected.

The first colonial settlement in the system was known as 'Fruitcake', the name given owing to the loamy consistency of the planetary surface and its propensity for small mineral deposits.

2259 Everichon Hijack - Alioth (Early Cakers vs Imperials)
Tourist Beacon 0117 - Everichon Hijack - Alioth
In 2559, the tourist liner Everichon, full of Imperial nobles was hijacked by a Caker group who planned to crash it into one of the gas giants. The attempt was thwarted by the Imperial commandos. The holo-vid broadcast and subsequent fictional dramatisation 'Rebel Madness', went some way to diverting popular opinion from the insurrection.

2473 Gateway (then "Oltiqu" Colonised by Federation. Later in 2561 full membership of the Federation.
Tourist Beacon 0124 - Gateway History - Gateway
Gateway was originally known as Oltiqu, but renamed when the Alliance was founded in 3230. The system had originally been under Federation jurisdiction after being colonised in 2473 to be used as a military staging area for a further invasion of Alioth. Over time, the military bases became more permanent colonies and settlements. The system achievend full federal membership in 2561, but remained relatively unimportant and in the shadow of Alioth for many centuries. When Alioth finally achieved independence in 3230, Oltiqu might have been a place where the Federation forces could rally and return. However a coordinated peaceful coup by sympathetic federal officials allowed the system to be united under the banner of the Alliance.

2612 Terraforming of New California (in Alioth) Details in "Caker Coup"

2600's Walter Argent born - a wealthy industrialist from Ayethi (ancestor of Meredith Argent).

2617 Tom Quaterson killed. Quentin Deviseses leads Caker revolution on gas platforms of Alioth.
Tourist Beacon 0118 - Tom Quaterson Death - Alioth
Having smuggled weapons into the system, the tension between the Cakers and the authorities was always going to spill over eventually. In 2617, the death of Tom Quaterson, a munitions worker who had been convicted of selling food coupons to the poor, was the spark that lit the flame of revolt. Workers on the gas platforms seized control of the facilities and planetside, the general populace stormed the Governor's residence. Quentin Deviseses wasn't just a revolutionary. He had a long term strategy for the system and as soon as the planet was secure, used every means he could to get the word out that Alioth would become a free trade port. The resource implication of Alioth's independence was too much for either the Empire or the Federation to take.

2618 Alioth 5b "Fruitcake" renamed to" Gordon's World"

Turner's World (originally designated Alioth 5b, then named Fruitcake from 2452 to 2618, and Gordonworld from 2618 to 3230)[1] is the capital planet of the Alliance of Independent Systems.
The Alliance Assembly is located in Garden City on Turner's World. It's close to the old industrial and ship-building city of New Rossyth.

2600's to 2700's New California Terraformed and Empire genetic experimentation and 'purification'


Alioth presents a star system of enormous potential. yet to be fully exploited by its colonists. It has had a chequered history in terms of political dominance, and both Empire and Federation forces have fought over the rights to control the system. The only period when both Empire and Federation have acted together towards Alioth was the Quaterson revolution of 2617 when the people of Gordonworld attempted to wrest freedom from both major powers. Quentin Devisises led a coup to try and establish Gordonworld (then known as `Fruitcake') as a local capital of free traders, but was ruthlessly suppressed by a rare combined naval action of Federation and Empire navies.

New California was terraformed shortly thereafter, using an experimental accelerated program of genetic modifications. The Empire initiated the methods which met with mixed success in this trial planet. In later years the approach has become more reliable, but the native colonists of New California occasionally exhibit unusual traits which are carry overs from the mutagenic past. This is partly responsible for the favour shown towards the Federation by New Californians. If carried out to the letter the Empire's attitude to racial purity would call for a repopulation of the colony and removal the affected inhabitants. To prevent this, there is a permanent petition for recognition as a Federation protectorate from the population of New Califomia.

The experimental origins of the planet of New California in no way detract from its beauty and the mutagens buried in the environment are of no danger to tourists. ( NOTE: Anyone planning to stay longer than 300 standard days should ensure they receive the appropriate vaccination and chemical therapies after 200 days and at regular intervals thereafter). The system as a whole presents a stunning visual appearance, with an abundance of gas giants orbiting the giant central star. It has been compared in its compelling beauty to the sextuple sun systems of Andbephi or Ioaray. The star inspired the flash-rock group Jjagged Bbanner's first quad platinum recording `Sungrazing' which led to their enormous rise to popularity.
The enormous hydrocarbon resources made available by the large number of gas giants, as well as the primary star of the system have led to a huge plastics industry based at this system. The scientists of Nesbitt Landing introduced the quinker process and led to a revolution in robot production techniques. They still lead the Federation in many aspects of design and production of automata, especially androids. These products are highly sought after amongst the Empire worlds.

2853 Caker Coup vs Imperials. Federation assists. Fed Admiral Kracer becomes colony leader of New California.
Tourist Beacon 0119 - Caker Coup - Alioth
In 2853, the science research outpost of Nesbitt Landing was founded. Initially this was to be a joint venture between the Empire and Federation, but when a detailed study into the genetic problems on New California linked the issue with the terraforming of the planet in 2612, the Imperials withdrew from the project.

The matter remained a local issue until, in 2854, responding to pressure from Achenar, Imperial soldiers instigated martial law and attempted to impose a genetic correction programme on the planet. This was prevented by a coup against the military garrison by a new Caker sect. Within days, the planet had been secured and an appreal was sent to the Federation for assistance. A fierce battle ensued; Imperial forces from the orbital refineries began a planetary bombardment, but the arrival of a Federal fleet escalated the conflict. Eventually, the Imperial ships pulled back and Admiral Kracer landed with his marines to cheering crowds in the capital. Kracer retired three years later, settling in New California and later became the colony leader.

2905 Federation takes Ross 128 after assassination of rebellion leader Maurice Grant. Turns Ross 128 into Warren Prison.
Tourist Beacon 0191 - Maurice Grant's Death
In 2905, the Federation answered a plea to restore order in Ross 128. Maurice Grant, the would-be leader of the colony there, had been assassinated in 2903. A Federal task force took charge of the colony and the rest of the system, then enforced a new colonial charter on its citizens, re-classifying it as a penal and correction facility.

Ross 128 happened 50 years after the early Caker insurrection against the Imperials, and 20 years before the dissappearance of the Imperial Battle group. Alioth was a Federation system at this time.

There are also parallels with how the Federation is called to assist throwing off the Imperials and then they stay and rule. Admiral Kracer did this in Alioth in 2854.

All this happened 200 years before Mic Turner and the Second Caker revolution that became the Alliance.

Also from FFE we have this regarding Ross 128:
The Prison colony on Grant's Claim (Ross 128), otherwise known as 'The Warren', has reached its maximum overflow limit following a sudden rise in the rate of personal assaults in a number of Inner Core systems. The opening of the INRA files has revealed that large numbers of previously trusted personnel were, in fact, in the pay of the INRA Internal Surveillance Units and had been spying on their contemporaries and colleagues for decades. A close reading of the files has revealed that a number of unexplained deaths in the past were the result of INRA-inspired assassinations. Consequently, many of the alleged informants have been the subject of revenge attacks, some of them fatal, by bereaved relatives and friends of those assassinated. The FSS and the Imperial Guard have drafted in extra support on some worlds and are offering round-the -clock police protection to some of the better-known informants. The Courts have been saturated and are handing down custodial sentences with an alacrity that some Existential Rights lawyers find extremely disturbing, particularly now that 'The Warren' is full and there is a suggestion that a re-introduction of capital punishment would help solve the problem. Alternative suggestions include the sale of detainees to the aliens as research specimens or the creation of new prison colonies on some of the radio-active moons previously used as nuclear decontamination units.

And this from the FE2 Gazeteer:

Ross 128
Travellers do not flock to Ross 128 or to its only inhabited planet, Grant's Claim. When Maurice Grant claimed it, it was through an over ambitious desire to build an independent colony that he could rule without question. His early surveys suggested that the planet was mineral rich and promised an exciting future amassing wealth from mining. Unfortunately, he discovered that in every body of people there are always a few who ask questions, and awkward ones at that, then don't settle for a feeble answer. Whilst answering a few of these at his Citizens' Clinic he was assassinated. Grant's analyses proved to be erroneous as minerals were only to be found in small pockets here and there - the mines were soon abandoned. The remaining would-be leaders realised that it was not an easy job to govern a population driven mainly by greed and the resulting economic collapse was devastating. The Federation stepped in and `rescued' the colony on the condition that it came under their control. The populace greeted them with open arms and promptly found that their home was to become a prison colony.

The prison, nicknamed The Warren, is a vast underground complex of cells accommodating miscreants of every kind. The security is very tight and few have seen beyond the visitors' hall without being an inmate. For this reason rumours are rife, and include tales of genetic experiments, prostitution and corruption. It is true that the prisoners experience great hardship due to the manual mining at minus four degrees centigrade. It is no holiday for the warders either and there are reports of some of the narcotics intended for use in prisoner obedience programmes being diverted to the staff. Nobody outside really complains because they are glad that someone else is willing to do the job. Don't forget, if you ever have a loved one serving a sentence, you need a permit to see them.

2924 Imperial Battlegroup claims Alioth - dissappears.
Tourist Beacon 0135 - Battlegroup's Disappearance – Alioth
In 2924, a further conflict started up in the Alioth system, initiated by a squabble over its hydrocarbon resources. The Durn and Resnar Corporation applied for Imperial assistance to enforce its claim over a large swathe of the system's mining rights. A small force of Imperial cruisers and their support ships arrived in the system and rapidly deployed to enforce these claims. They vastly outnumbered the mustered Federal units, and forced them out of the entire system within a year. But then, withouth warning in 2925, the Imperial battle group disappeared. Federal vessels returned and Hassoni-Kruger appropriated the system's mining rights. Within month all assets of the Durn and Resner Corporation were seized by the Emperor. The reason for the strange events has never been discovered. Federal intelligence sources were later to accuse the Duvals of instigating a cloning programme to breed specialised infantry units.

3184 - 3198 Federation vs Imperial hostilities in Alioth. Fed Pres Loric Trander vs Emperor Hesketh Duval. Caker Insurrection more organised and financed.
0120 - Riley Dain Murder - Alioth
In 3184, the election of Federation President Loric Trander saw a renewal of hostilities over Alioth. This time, conflict was instigated by corporate rivalry in the sysstem's vast gas mining sector. After the discovery of a murdered official named Riley Dain who was investigating the abuse of permitted quotas, the situation quickly escalated. Trander authorised a force of privateers. In response Hesketh Duval sent in the Imerial XV fleet. The conflict avoided the settlement of New California owing to the previous treaty, but the settlers there found themselves all but cut off until a further ceasefire was established in 3198. Neither side achieved anything but line the pockets of the industries who fuelled and powered their fleets. It also served to stir further resentment amongst the settlers. At this time, the Caker insurrection became more organised and received substantial financial support from unknown sources.

3187 Edmund Mahon born

3205 Mic Turner Born
This Obituary was written for us by Turner's close friend and fellow explorer: Deven Cantry.

Mic Turner graduated with honours from the civilian pilot's school on the frontier world of Jones Colony (Essfafa) in the days before the AIS was so much as a twinkle in Argent's eye. Mic's passion, even as an undergraduate, was long distance flight and the novice pilot was one of the few to discover a habitable (and later terra formed) world before passing the full explorer's grade exams. An early association with Meredith Argent grew into a life-long partnership that has changed the political face of the Galaxy. It was Meredith and Turner between them who first proposed the creation of a safe political unit for those who wished to exist outwith the protection of the Federation or the constraints of the Empire and the pair were the main driving force behind the creation of the Alliance of Independent Systems.

Mic's explorations had always been in the Northern Edge zones and the development of a number of newly terra formed planets in the region provided the funding necessary for the creation of a Colonising Navy - with Mic, naturally, at the helm. The disputed system of Alioth was ripe for stable government when the Colonists of the new embryonic state moved in and, despite a certain amount of resistance, the fledgling democracy grew and flourished. Alioth developed a solid economy and became the site for the New Rossyth Shipyard, destined to build the Galaxy's greatest ship: the 'Turner's Quest'. This is the ship that broke all the rules and opened new and greater space routes to the dedicated explorer - it is also the ship in which Mic was flying when the final, fatal accident occurred. Details of Turner's death are inexact and the Escape Capsule has yet to be released from custody for full, independent forensic examination. Those of use who knew Mic well do not believe that an asteroid storm would have been fatal to so experienced a pilot. We may never know the real truth of Commander Mic Turner's death - but we are still asking questions.

Editorial Note: The views expressed in this column are not necessarily those of the Editorial Committee.

3224 Mic Turner leads Federation colonisation of Olgrea
Tourist Beacon 0127 Olgrea History - Olgrea
Mic Turner, the intergalactic Explorer, ship designer and founder of the Alliance, led the Federation expenditionary team tha brought colonists to Olgrea in 3224. \ Terraforming operations began almost immediately as the Federation could see that further population growth in the region would require room to accommodate. \ In 3239, Alliance warships and Turner's command return to the system and after a short altercation with Federal forces won control of Fortress Jung and New Casablanca. After this it was only a matter of time before the rest of the system surrendered and the Federation withdrew. \ By 3250, the Olgrea system had become a massive part of the Alliance infrastructure. The Planet New Gotham became the centre of agricultural production for the entire Alliance sector. The system population had grown to approach 100 million inhabitants, one of the fastest system migrations in interstellar history.

3228 Mic Turner, Meredith Argent and the Caker Cells of New California gas platforms. Revolution!
Tourist Beacon 0121 - Mic Turner History - Alioth
Born in 3205, Mic Turner grew uo in Jones Colony in the Essafa system. After graduating with honours from the civilian Pilots school, he moved to New California in Alioth, just before the rebellion started. In 3228, when the Federal corporations supplying New California attempted to raise their prices again, the citizens revolted, taking over the ships berthed in the space station and riding out to the gas mining station to assault the corporate workers. Federal and Imperial forces arrived within days, but fighters from Alioth and several neighbouring independent systems joined forces to repel them. Turner's pilot skills saw him amongst the first to fly out to the orbital platforms and he won a great deal of respect from his peers for his efforts. It was here the met Meredith Argent, a scientist who led one of the Caker cells on the gas platforms and was direct descendant of Walter Argent, a wealthy industrialist from Ayethi in the the 27th century. Argent and Turner were to become partners for life.

Galactic News: The Origin of the Alliance

15 JUL 3302

In a return to our popular series on significant episodes from human history, noted historian Sima Kalhana discusses the foundation of the Alliance.

"The Alliance may champion the ideals of harmony and independence, but it is very much the product of violence."

"Alioth, the Alliance powerbase, was once a highly contested system. In the decades that followed its colonisation, it was the site of almost constant conflict between the Federation and the Empire. Naturally this made life difficult for the system's inhabitants, whose lives were impacted by generation after generation of war."

"The turning point came in 3228, when the Federal corporations supplying one of Alioth's main population centres attempted to raise prices. This triggered a revolt. Federal and Imperial forces were despatched to quell the uprising, but the resistance, bolstered by fighters from neighbouring independent systems, successfully repelled them. Ultimately the Empire chose to withdraw from the system, reluctant to commit to a potentially protracted campaign far from its centre of power. When the Federation realised how unpopular the war had become among Federal citizens, it followed suit."

"In the wake of the conflict, the idea of an independent socio-political body rapidly gained popularity among the people of Alioth, and in 3230 the Alliance of Independent Systems was established. Its founding principles were simple: to protect and support those who wanted to remain independent of the Federation and the Empire, and to empower its member systems while simultaneously preserving their independence. Over the next two decades, more than twenty systems joined the Alliance."

"Today, the Alliance is widely seen as a paragon of democracy in an increasingly autocratic galaxy. It is governed by a body known as the Alliance Assembly, the primary function of which is to establish common policies and treaties among the Alliance's member systems, and act as an arbitration body when necessary. The notional head of the Assembly is the prime minister, but in reality it is the Council of Admirals that wields the greatest degree of power."

"The Council of Admirals is a six-person body comprising the leaders of the six largest military forces in the Alliance. In addition to selecting the prime minister, the Council also commands the Alliance Defence Force, a vast flotilla of ships contributed by each of the Alliance's member systems. The Council of Admirals is free to deploy the Defence Force without the approval of the Assembly, making it extremely powerful."

"There can be no argument that the Alliance lacks the power-projection abilities of the Empire and the Federation. But it is more than capable of competing with them in economic and political terms, and of defending its member systems when necessary."

"What the future holds remains to be seen, but under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, it seems likely the Alliance will only continue to grow."

3229 Alioth industrial expansion into Holiacan.

3230 Alliance Founded in Alioth.
Tourist Beacon 0007 - The Alliance - Alioth
The Alliance of Independent Systems (usually referred to as just 'Alliance') was founded on Alioth in early 3230. Over the next two decades, more than twenty system went on to join. Some were independent, other revolted from Imperial and Federal control. For nearly a thousand years, colonial settlements could only choose between Imperial tyranny or Federal interference. Alioth and the Alliance provided a third way, more supportive and less conditional on cultural alignment.

3232 Indaol joins the Alliance
Tourist Beacon 0126 - Indaol History - Indaol
This minor system in notable only because of its early membership of the Alliance, joining in 3232. This membership granted the colonists significant technological improvement on their existing lot.

3239 Mic Turner leads Alliance fleet to take Olgrea Planet New Gotham.
Tourist Beacon 0127 - Olgrea History - Olgrea
Mic Turner, the intergalactic Explorer, ship designer and founder of the Alliance, led the Federation expenditionary team tha brought colonists to Olgrea in 3224. Terraforming operations began almost immediately as the Federation could see that further population growth in the region would require room to accommodate. In 3239, Alliance warships and Turner's command return to the system and after a short altercation with Federal forces won control of Fortress Jung and New Casablanca. After this it was only a matter of time before the rest of the system surrendered and the Federation withdrew. By 3250, the Olgrea system had become a massive part of the Alliance infrastructure. The Planet New Gotham became the centre of agricultural production for the entire Alliance sector. The system population had grown to approach 100 million inhabitants, one of the fastest system migrations in interstellar history.

3244 Holiacan joins the Alliance Lucinda Kills prominent Alliance figure.
Tourist Beacon 0125 - Holiacan History - Holiacan Relatively late to joining the original Alliance group in 3244, Holiacan was not contested by Federation forces as the systems assets were relatively small. The bloodless revolution is a complete contrast to its partner and robotic manufacturing rival Alioth, whose industry in this area had been expanded into the system in 3229. Sine this time, robotics manufacturing and output within the Holiacan has increased. Several other prominent political figures in Alliance politics have emerged from this system, most notably Lucinda Kallis, who wields considerable influence amongst the system group.

3252 August. Mic Turner killed in Pleone by INRA agent J Saunders

Following the departure of the ship 'Argent's Quest' into Far space in search of the Thargoid stronghold, Meredith Argent is taking the higher echelons of INRA, most specifically Commander J Saunders (Elite), to court for the murder of the explorer Commander Mic Turner. Argent claims to have positive evidence, that the earlier ship, 'Turner's Quest' was identified as an intruder by INRA defence satellites ringing an exclusion zone around the area previously defined as the Thargoid front base. Immediately afterwards, Saunders and others of the INRA counter-intelligence wing (previously demonstrated to be flying in the area) attacked and destroyed Mic Turner's ship and subsequently appropriated the 'Quest's' Stowmaster Escape Capsule, wiping the flight recording equipment prior to returning it to its rightful owner. Council for the defence has been allocated and are vigorously denying all charges. INRA have agreed to be guarantors for the accused and hence Saunders is free to continue with normal duties until required to give evidence.

More on Saunders and how INRA tried to provoke a second war with the Thargoids.


The final fate of Commander Saunders, Elite pilot of the INRA Counter Intelligence Wing, has come to light as the last revelation of the investigators working through the past INRA records. In the final phases of the Regional Diplomatic Incident (also known as the second Thargoid War), ambassadors from all parties were engaged in frantic negotiations to avoid the onset of a full-blown Galactic war that would have ripped apart the cultural fabric of the entire human race. Minor engagements occurred at that time between factions loyal to one of three sides and Saunders was responsible for maintaining a constant watch on the progress of negotiations.

There is a belief that members of the INRA High Command, now all dead, wished the War to escalate (in Saunders case, a personal hatred of the alien appears to have been the primary motive) and that they evolved a separate strategy specifically aimed at breaking the truce between the parties.

Our next article will examine the means by which this was very nearly successful.


In our recent report on the INRA strategy files, we stated that Commander Saunders and the members of the Counter Intelligence Wing's High Command, intended to break the evolving truce growing between the alien Leaders and the human delegation. As part of this plan, Saunders used a cover identity to earn a position as part of the protection fleet escorting Meredith Argent and Kit Silver in the 'Sappho's Quest'.

During the final approach on the alien diplomatic fleet, Saunders launched a completely suicidal attack on the leading alien mother ship. Had the commander of the 'Sappho's Quest' been slightly slower, the Thargoid fighters would have been forced to defend themselves and their trust in the human race would have been irreparably damaged. In the event, Saunders' ships was destroyed by a salvo of nuclear missiles from the 'Quest' and the aliens were finally convinced of Argent's commitment to peace.

It was the end of a courageous, if misguided life, and we believe that, in the new spirit of co-operation some kind of memorial should be created in commemoration of the Commander's tenacity of spirit.

3252 5th October. Turner's Requiem New Rossyth Shipyards Alioth

The account set up by Meredith Argent at the time of Turner's Requiem has attracted funds from across the full spectrum of political affiliation and personal wealth. In addition, the Thargoids have recently made a significant contribution in acknowledgement of Turner's role in the release of their People from the isolation enforced by the INRA mycoid. It is now a recognised fact that it was almost entirely thanks to Turner's skill as a ship designer and personal bravery as a pilot that made the discovery of the Thargoid Home Worlds possible. Turner's Last Will and Testament contained a clause requesting that any memorial should be of a practical and educational nature rather than simply a standing monument. The influx of credit has been such that Meredith Argent and the other executors of the Will have decided to open an Academic Institute based at Fortress Culloden, Turner's home town. It will be known as the Turner Institute for Inter - Species Investigation and it will aim to be the foremost Institution dealing with human/Thargoid affairs from culture and history to biology and current politics. The design of the building has been put out to tender and Architects from across the Universe are invited to submit designs within the next two months.

The following content comes from the FFE End Missions.
It is known to have been retconned out of the Elite: Dangerous timeline. However it establishes dates and locations for characters that do exist in the current timeline, including:
Pleione - noted as Mic Turner's last known exploration One of the Seven Sisters stars in the Pleiades.
Polaris - location of Thargoid shuttle. Permit locked in Elite Dangerous.
Miacke - Thargoid homeworld. Does not exist in Elite Dangerous.
Hotice - INRA vaccine store. Does not exist in Elite Dangerous.

Humanity's Destiny - Argent's Quest #1
When: 5th October 3252
News: Universal Scientist during August
Where: New Rossyth, Alioth (0,4)
Reward: Twice your current credits and the ship Argent's Quest.
Following the death of Mic Turner, Universal Scientist will report that a Requiem for Mic Turner will be held in Alioth (0,4) on the 5th of October 3252.
Donate 10,000 credits to the fund. You will be thanked and offered the chance to find out what happened to Mic Turner. Accept the mission, and you will be given command of the super-ship Argent's Quest.
You are told to set off to Pleione (32,32) which was the last system Mic Turner explored, and to photograph the remains of his ship and recover his flight recorder. Pleione is protected by a military defence satellite, which had reported Mic Turner's position to INRA. Therefore, you will require a transmission jammer and nuclear missile.
On arrival in Pleione, you should use your current system map to find Pleione 4b, around which the various bits for this mission are orbiting. The first thing you should do is target the Military Defence satellite (MDS), which has a standard registration number, and is also very large. Fire the nuclear missile.
Travel towards Turner's Quest. When within 10 km of Turner's Quest, take a number of photographs from different angles, and then pick up the Flight Recorder.
Next stop, the Thargoid. The Thargoid is labelled ????, and you should proceed in the same manner as with Turner's Quest.
Return to Alioth. You should receive a message congratulating you on your maiden voyage, and a request to dock at New Rossyth. If you've brought back the Flight Recorder, you will be congratulated, and offered:

Argent's Quest #2
When: December 3252, after you return from either Pleione
Where: New Rossyth, Alioth (0,4)
Your employers will tell you that Turner found a Thargoid Shuttle in the system of Polaris (0,76). They want you to go and investigate it. Upon your arrival in Polaris, you will get the usual message about trespassing on military territory. This time, however, the satellite is orbiting a different planet to the shuttle, namely Polaris 3d. Once you have destroyed the satellite, select ???? from your navigation computer, and dock with the Thargoid Shuttle. You will notice that there are suddenly a lot of radar blips around you. A look at your system map reveals that you are now a long way from Polaris. Centring your map reveals that you are now in the unexplored system of Miacke (32,144). Request launch permission, and you will see that the ships around you are Thargoids! Seasoned commanders who remember the Thargoids from the various incarnations of Elite 1 will now be attempting to ignore the impulse to blow the aliens away. Don't shoot, but increase time acceleration until you receive a message from the Thargoid commander to dock with their main ship. Select the top ???? on your navigation computer, and engage autopilot.
Once you have docked, you are greeted by the Thargoids. They tell you about their mycoid problem and ask you to help them by stealing the vaccine from an INRA store in Hotice (-3,-2).

Thargoids' Mycoid Mission
When: After your landing at the Thargoids' main space station
Where: Thargoid Space Station, Miacke (37,144)
Reward: A Thargoid ship of your own and loads of Alien Artefacts
You are told about the INRA mycoid vaccine store in Hotice (-3,-2), and are given an MB4 to pick up the vaccine. Go to Hotice 1. Get within laser range of the dome, and blow it up with your plasma accelerator (there will be a bang and flames will come out of the building). Land next to the facility and deploy your MB4. It will collect some of the vaccine (check your cargo list), and you should recall the machine, and set off for Miacke. Upon landing back at the Thargoid space station you will be thanked by the Thargoids. Wait a little, and you will be offered a Thargoid warship as a reward. The Thargoids tell you to go into time acceleration while they build your ship. When it is finished, they will thank you again. Launch, and set off for Alioth (0,4) to get your reward from your employers. When you arrive in Alioth, you will have to manually fly your ship to Gotham Park, which orbits Argent's Claim, because the Thargoids didn't give you a navigation computer or autopilot. The Thargoids have given you some 65,000 tons of Alien Items. Once you have equipped your Thargoid to your tastes, leave Gotham Park, and land at New Rossyth. You will be thanked by the Alliance, and allowed to keep your ship.

3300 December 12th. Foundation of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps AEDC by CMDR Knac:

3301 March. The Code proclaim the "New Caribbean" in the Old Worlds cluster.
In Leesti, the Code overthrow Inedependent Leesti For Equality and install Reynhardt Intellisys.
In Reorte they install a puppet regime.

3301 March 78 Ursae Majoris Claimed for the Alliance.
A coallition of Alliance CMDRs and the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC) flipped the system to the Alioth Independents away from the Federation backed 78 Ursae Majoris for Equality.
While there were some calls to oppose the Alliance https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/128212-The-case-for-keeping-78-Ursae-Majoris-as-a-Federation-System the value of having the Alioth permit available here was generally acknowledged and the work went quickly

3301 April 03 Code in Lave

Operation Tomahawk Aims to Rid Lave of CODE Threat
03 APR 3301

As the war in Lave continues between CODE and Cosmic State, reports have emerged to suggest that Cosmic State have chosen Adle's Armada as unlikely allies in what's being called Operation Tomahawk.

The accusation is that CODE are charging traders and others passers-by for "travel passes" in the Lave system, which are valid only for a set period, and will provide protection against CODE attacks.

These reports would seem to indicate that no visitor to Lave is safe unless a travel pass has been purchased from CODE. It is not clear at this stage what the Alliance reaction is to this policy, but it seems that as long as the funds aren't being channelled into the Lavian economy, they are unlikely to take a high view of this practice.

Galnet reached out to both CODE and Cosmic State for comment, and although no word has been received from CODE, Cosmic State asserted that CMDRs Silk and Kudach were heading Operation Tomahawk, aiming to free Lave, and now potentially Leesti also, from the perceived CODE threat.

3301 April 26. Reorte Reclaimed
Tourist Beacon 0122 - Reorte Reclaimed - Reorte After three weeks of fighting in the Lave Cluster, the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC) managed to reclaim Reorte from a pirate insurgency. Early in April 3301, a local pirate group had tried to rename the cluster "New Caribbean", but undercover AEDC agents worked with local groups to retake control of Davies High.

Reorte Liberated by the Alliance
26 APR 3301

After 3 weeks of intense activity in the Lave Cluster, the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC) has managed to return control of Reorte to an Alliance aligned faction.

Earlier this month, a local pirate group had attempted to rename the cluster as the "New Caribbean". While local residents were not in favour of the move, the Alliance military was initially slow to take the pirate threat seriously.

However, undercover agents working on behalf of the AEDC have been working tirelessly with local community groups in order to prepare the ground for a swift battle to retake control of Davies High.

As planned, the conflict ended swiftly and caused little disruption to the daily life of residents. Pilots from the pirate faction fought fiercely to defend their position, but the combined might of Alliance forces proved too strong, and locals woke this morning to find the "Pro-Alliance League" restoring order to their community.

Alliance approval in Reorte now stands at a staggering 93%!

Elsewhere in the cluster, groups loyal to the Alliance of Independent Systems are visibly taking the pirate threat more seriously. In Lave itself, news of their neighbours' long anticipated victory boosted the ruling "Workers of Lave Liberals" by over 20% in a flash opinion poll this morning! The combined influence for Lave's Alliance factions now appears to be over 80%.

The burning question on everyone's lips in the Old Worlds is now:

"When will Leesti return to the fold?"

It is likely that after reclaiming Reorte with minimal fuss, the experienced negotiators of AEDC are planning something similar in the cluster's most important high-tech trading system.

3301 May 02 Securing The Old Worlds

Securing the Old Worlds
02 MAY 3301

For months now, the Old Worlds have been terrorised by roaming gangs of psychopaths and thieves. Residents’ pleas for help have been rejected by the Council of Admirals, who maintain that matters of internal security are the sole responsibility of member states. Many see this rise of lawlessness as an opportunity. Pilots on both sides of the law are now flocking to the sector in the hope of making their fame and fortune.

Inspired by the recent changes brought about by independent members of the Pilots Federation, a network of local business leaders have banded together to improve conditions in the Old Worlds. They are sponsoring the formation of a new coalition, and though they have yet to officially announce the group’s manifesto, support for the movement is already spreading.

One member of the new coalition, Silver United Solutions, has announced that they are currently in the process of recruiting experienced security professionals to help protect the residents of Zaonce from the various gangs operating in the sector. Potential recruits are asked to report to Ridley Scott in Zaonce for assessment.

Silver United Succeed at Securing Zaonce
05 MAY 3301

After months of being terrorised by malicious criminals intent on turning the Old Worlds into some kind of ‘New Caribbean’, residents of the Lave cluster finally banded together this past weekend to crack down on the lawless scum that had been pillaging and plundering their way across the sector.

Inspired by the recent help freely given to the people of Reorte by the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, Silver United Solutions decided to offer a set of substantial rewards to any pilot brave enough to help remove the criminals known as the Jet Gang from Zaonce.

The initiative was an overwhelming success. 5,535 pilots were temporarily deputised during the course of the weekend, leading to the Zaonce Jet Gang (and many other local pirate crews) being crushed by the raw power of the makeshift fleet.

To celebrate their success, Silver United Solutions has organised a special discount on all Faulcon DeLacy ships being sold from Ridley Scott Station, Zaonce. A limited number of Pythons have been made available for the duration of the sale.

3301 May 09 78 Ursae Majoris tells Halsey to piss off.

78 Ursae Majoris Reacts to President’s Intended Visit
09 MAY 3301

Following the rather strange announcement that President Halsey will soon be visiting the ex-Federal system of 78 Ursae Majoris, GalNet reached out to local leaders and residents to get their thoughts.

“I think it’s excellent that President Halsey is finally showing some interest in what’s happening in the region. It’s a shame she won’t be swinging by Townshend, I’m sure my constituents have plenty they want to say to her about the years of neglect the system suffered under Federal rule.”

Andrew Bailey, Mayor of Townshend Hub – Alioth Independents

“The people of 78 Ursae Majoris have made their feelings about the years of neglect very clear. That is now behind us. I say if President Halsey wishes to make amends, then it is very decent of her to come here and do so in person. Let bygones be bygones. We in the 78 Ursae Majoris for Equality Party are looking forward to the President’s visit, and we hope that it will prove to be a productive experience for the residents of Seddon Gateway.”

Mary Silverstein, Seddon Gateway - Chair of 78 Ursae Majoris for Equality Party

“I thought the Lughnatics murdered Halsey? She’s coming ’ere, you say? Why? I thought we were pretty clear, !*#@ the Feds, we don’t want ’em. Well... ’ere’s ’oping no one gets any bright ideas about finishing ’er off, this place was just finally startin’ ta sort itself out.”

Gryph Jones, 78 Ursae Majoris B 3 - Farmer

78 Ursae Majoris Increases Security Ahead of Presidential Visit
15 MAY 3301

Excitement is in the air in 78 Ursae Majoris, as millions of residents have begun preparing Seddon Gateway for the arrival of Federal President Jasmina Halsey. The exact date of the President’s arrival has yet to be announced, but residents haven’t let that stop them from arranging a week of festivities and cultural displays aboard the station.

Another group preparing for the President’s visit is the Alioth Independents, who have today announced that they will be launching an initiative to increase security in the local cluster ahead of President Halsey’s visit.

Andrew Bailey, the Mayor of Townsend Hub and local leader of the Alioth Independents had this to say about the new initiative:

“We are very conscious that once President Halsey arrives, the whole galaxy will have its eyes on our little system. 78 Ursae Majoris has been nothing but peaceful and productive since electing to join the Alliance and the Alioth Independents will do everything in our power to ensure it remains that way throughout the President’s visit.”

“Firstly, we will be running a cluster wide security campaign from Townsend Hub. As part of which, agents of the Alioth Independents will be offering a range of bonuses to bounty hunters who help clear out any unruly criminal elements in the sector.”

“Secondly, members of the Alioth Independents and our allies will be launching a military campaign to finally rid the cluster of the criminal cartel known as the Sobek Boys. Military capable Commanders interested in assisting with the campaign can likewise signup for active duty aboard Townsend Hub.”

3301 Alliance supports Diso in the Old Worlds

The Alliance Supports Five a Day in Diso!
11 MAY 3301

On Friday the Green Party of Diso announced their plans to rejuvenate the failing financial fortunes of Birmingham. The news was well received by independent traders from across the galaxy, many of whom immediately made their way to Diso to help ship Machinery for the Green Party of Diso.

In total 5187 Commanders signed up to assist with the rejuvenation project, and together they managed to deliver a staggering 15,010,547 tonnes of Machinery to Diso over the course of just 65 hours. In particular, the Green Party of Diso would like to thank Broker Mrozak, Broker HawX, Tycoon Ace Rimzy, Tycoon Thalios Abraxas and Broker Del Boy for their outstanding efforts to stimulate Birmingham’s economy.

As promised, an increased supply of Diso Ma Corn has now been released to the markets aboard Shifnalport. It is hoped that the extra corn supply will not only help to rejuvenate Diso’s economy, but that it will also help to encourage economic growth throughout the entire Old World sector

3301 May 16 Reyhardt Inellisys falls in Leesti.

Sol Unplugged?

16 MAY 3301

For the first time in almost a decade, Utopixx Entertainment, the subsidiary of Reynhardt Intellisys responsible for some of the top virtual reality experiences in the galaxy, has posted an operating loss of almost 5,000,000,000,000 credits.

Investors were shocked by the news, which saw Reynhardt Intellisys shares drop by almost 14%.

Reynhardt Intellisys has issued the following statement in an attempt to explain the drastic change in profits:

“Overall, uptake of Utopixx products in Independent, Alliance and Imperial markets remains strong. We continue to see a yearly growth rate of between 1 and 2% per sector, which in many cases means that we are exceeding our targets.”

“The losses posted for this year are partly due to the construction of a completely new and extremely exciting line of VR-Streams, which includes the latest instalment in the popular CQC franchise.”

“In-sim purchases within Federal markets have fallen below expected levels, but an analysis of the market suggests that such losses are part of a general downward trend that appears to be affecting a wide range of media companies operating in Federal systems. The cause of this drop-off in purchases remains unclear at this time.”

3301 June. PowerPlay Cycle 1. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon of the Alliance of Independent Systems steps onto the stage.

3301 21st June. Prime Minister Mahon Announces Open Trade Agreement in Old World Cluster.
During a press conference in Alioth earlier today, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon expressed his gratitude towards the independent pilots who supported his initiative to strengthen the Alliance's economic presence in the Old Worlds cluster. Mahon declared his intentions to keep the cluster open for traders of all affiliations and has announced an open trade agreement that will grant any trader safe passage.
To ensure the safety of trader ships in the sector, Prime Minister Mahon has commissioned the Aliiance Defence Force to establish a permanent presence in the sector, to counter growing threats to civillian traqders from piracy and crime. The deployment of this new Alliance strike force is expected to take place within the next few weeks.
- via GalNet

3301 25th June. Leesti becomes a Control system for Edmund Mahon. Cycle 3 of PowerPlay.

3301 25th July
Helena Stone of LHS 2541 Alliance Combine announces operation Augeas.

Victoria Wolf VI and Commodore Stone launch Operation Augeas
23 JUL 3301

Victoria Wolf VI and Commodore Stone launch Operation Augeas

In a joint press conference, Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantress of Wolf 406 Transport Co, and Commodore Helena Stone of the Alliance Defence Force have announced the launch of Operation Augeas. This is a campaign to rid BD-22 3573 of criminal elements troubling local miners and traders. The Federation has acted swiftly after receiving the results of the investigations led by Commodore Stone. The local absolutistic factions, however, need to be dealt with more bluntly.

Wolf and Stone, who besides their main responsibilities also have seats on the board of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, explained that they have secured the funds to pay out a bonus for all bounties cashed in Planck Orbital.

Stone was eager to point out that this is not a military operation. The ADF will observe the situation and only intervene in case of escalation as “the system does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Alliance”.

In 3304 CMDR _Flin_ reports:
[20:13] _Flin_: With Operation Aureas they got our dates wrong, description wrong and even effed up the target faction. When we ended up BHing FOR the Dictatorship we wanted to figgt AGAINST.
[20:13] _Flin_: Plus they managed to not give us the targeted expansion that was promised.
[20:13] _Flin_: Plus initial goal was about factor 100 too high.
[20:32] Krisuus (Malatia Attache): You had to scan 20 ships to find one with any bounty for the target faction.
[20:39] Subitus Nex (Medalsmith): Exactly what flin said.. Haha fdev know one thing. How to screw up.
[20:40] Subitus Nex (Medalsmith): At least we get a multi year personal and group wide narrative of Fdev eff ups that binds us together in face palms :pensive:

Elite Dangerous Tourist Beacons: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eu30UyjpQrWexAglwD1Ax_GaDz4d7l8KD76kSzX4DEk/edit#gid=0
FFE Manual: http://www.wischik.com/lu/senses/ffemanual.pdf
FFE Journals: http://www.dream-ware.co.uk/first-encounters/journals/
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