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Jav Marlo / 14 Oct 3305


12 OCT 3305, system Lauksa.

This is Jav Marlo, on board the Atlas, landed at the Teller Ring in system Lauksa.

The whole affair of the rescue of the Sunflex pilots from slavery cost me a great a deal, both personally and economically. My account is still pretty heavy, after cashing out all the exploration data I got from Distant Worlds 2, but I invested more than 100 million credits in upgrading the Scourge. So, for the last weeks, I have been looking for a way of getting a good source of funding that can sustain the increasing scope of my operations. I own a flotilla of fourteen ships now. And one concept rose up: Painite mining.

Painite is an incredibly rare borate mineral that typically takes the form of a red gemstone. Highly sought after by socialities throughout occupied space, it is renowned for being one of the most valuable types of gemstones in the galaxy. And right now there is a rush for it.

Some months ago, a group known as the Elite Miners issued a call for locating overlapping Painite hotspots. The results were the finding of six systems where these rare phenomena occurr. And most important, they shared the results of their quest with the whole galactic community. Many commanders have been tuning their mining techniques on these sites since them and, right now, Painite mining is considered a more profitable enterprise than Void Opal mining, assuming that one has the time and a considerable large ship with enough cargo space. Painite mining trips tend to be long. Well, I had a Type 9 heavy freighter, the Atlas, so I installed some mining lasers, a refinery and all the tools necessary for prospecting, and made a heavy bulk miner of it.

I decided to try my luck at the pristine rings of Hyades Sector DB-X d1-112 second planet, and headed to the nearby Crowfor system where I made of the Szebehely Port Coriolis Starport my base of operations. From there, in the following days, I conducted a series of mining trips to the pristine metal rings of Hyades Sector DB-X d1-112 2, a huge waterworld with an ammonia atmosphere.

The Atlas over the pristine metal rings of Hyades Sector DB-X d1-112 2

I must say that the information provided by the Elite Miners and the commanders that collaborated to locate these hotspots is priceless, most of the rocks are ripe with Painite waiting to be scraped with the mining lasers. The limpets work untiringly collecting Painite fragments as I jump from rock to other. A pulse scanner makes it very easy to locate the most promising ones.

The Atlas mining Painite at Hyades Sector DB-X d1-112 2

From time to time I find some sub surface Painite deposits, that are dealt with displacement missiles, or surface depots, that are torn off with the abrasion blaster. Painite cores are trickier, they require seismic charges to blow them off and carefully navigation through the remaining asteroid fragments, something not easy at all piloting a huge flying brick like the Type 9. Shields are mandatory. But the output of mining a Painite core makes it worth the risks.

The Atlas blowing a Painite core at Hyades Sector DB-X d1-112 2

The results of the whole operation are that I managed to mine 528 tons of Painite in just three incursions. The major setbacks are the pirate incursions. They are meagre, but there is no room for weapons in the Atlas, like in the Plutos, and running away in a Type 9 is really difficult. I was attacked three times. First time it was a Cobra that followed me before I started mining and lost interest very fast when it realized I was carrying nothing but limpets. The second attack was by an Eagle. Luckily for me an Eagle has not a lot of punch and a couple of Vipers of system security came to my aid. I guess the constant traffic of miners has come to the develop of some kind of security patrols to provide the minimum security. The last attack almost caught me. A dangerous Krait MkII almost blow me off with my cargo hold full of Painite. Such a ship can mass lock a Type 9 and carries a terrible punch. I managed to jump to another system with less than half my hull integrity. Painite mining is highly profitable, but beware of the pirates.

I found the best selling prices in a reasonable distance for my load in Teller Ring, a Coriolis Starport in the independent system of Lauksa, an industrial economy. The profit of the whole operation was over 400 million credits. And it got me the promotion Elite in Trade. Now I feel like I play in the big league. Maybe it is the appropriate time to expand my operations far beyond Wolf 406. I am thinking in investing the money in finishing engineering and upgrading the Scourge, my new Python. I have the hunch that it has the potential of becoming a great multirole ship, capable of allowing me to take all kinds of different missions anyplace, saving me the necessity of transferring my ships. We will see.

Jav Marlo signing out.
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