Ender Aware / 31 May 3305
Briefing on AF Leporis campaign to Patreus

Deliver to: Eotienses, Adams Market   For: Senator Denton Patreus, Admiral of the Fleet of The Empire      On the Commonwealth of AF Leporis  In regard to my candidature to further prepare these briefings, I have been tasked by the members of the Planning Committee to submit to you the case of...

Misaniovent / 13 Oct 3304
Nine Nayan News' interview with Marshall Baronet Wreyn Kaira

Thank you to Cernig for being Olivia Abott. A small camera drone moves through a busy station tinged in a verdant green; it is Markov Hub in HR 7766. The drone briefly pans across busy dockworkers and the station's hydroponics before focusing on a the graceful lines of an Imperial Cutter, the PLV...

Cernig10 / 05 Oct 3304
Squire Of The Land - Part Three

She shifted slowly in her rocky nest, ever so slightly, testing muscles against each other so that they wouldn’t get stiff and hamper her escape. Above her, a stretch of a military-grade fabric, its color electronically matched to the rock, warmed to the exact temperature of the surrounding rocks to...

Cernig10 / 10 Sep 3304
Squire Of The Land, Part Two

“So, Jack, you sure you’re ready for this?” Jack Cernig-Dix, the new Squire of Savere Landing, studied himself in the mirror and noted with a part of his attention that the progenitor cell treatments and other rejuvenation therapies were having an effect; his hair and neatly trimmed goatee had turned...

Cernig10 / 03 Sep 3304
Squire Of The Land, Part One

The shuttle rocked and juddered alarmingly as it descended towards the green and blue planet below. Jack Cernig-Dix cinched his safety harness a little tighter and was glad he hadn’t risked one of his own precious ships and his own even more precious ass trying to make planetfall solo on the ringed planet...

Cernig10 / 08 Aug 3304
Curiates And Curiosity

White petals the size of dinner plates, delicately edged with cyan blue, fluttered down to the manicured law in the slight artificial breeze of the Emperor Gaylen Trasken Tribute Garden on Emerald in the Cemiess system. A slightly-built man, balding and middle-aged, leaned back on his park bench and...

Cernig10 / 30 Jun 3304
A Gourmet’s Guide To The Galaxy - Part Two

As the jaunty, quickstep theme music fades along with the golden, cursive script title, the two hosts of The Gourmet’s Guide, Penny Richman and Jack Cernig-Dix, are seen getting out of a nondescript station taxi. He is in his usual Imperial businessman clothes, white cravat and brocade jacket, high boots...

Cernig10 / 22 Jun 3304
A Gourmet’s Guide To The Galaxy – Part One

The holo-show kicks off with a montage of rare foods and drinks, all laid out on a trestle table atop a snowy white tablecloth. Over a jaunty tune in a quickstep time, you hear, “We’ve all heard of the many rare foods, drinks and other gourmet items the galaxy has to offer, but what do these rarities...

Cernig10 / 14 Jun 3304
Time To Choose

“Why did it have to be Imperial space?” Jack Cernig-Dix asked himself quietly as he studied a holo-display of his agreements and contracts over the last month. Leaning back in the comfy chair of his cabin aboard the I.B.A. Selene, a chair that had been his bed more often than not, he stared at the bulkhead,...

Misaniovent / 22 Feb 3304
Coma: Toward Swords into Ploughshares, at the Senator's Direction

"And the only way it stops? You beg. You beg for us to stop. You cry for us to leave you and your friends alone. And then we won't. Because you and your lot deserve all of this." February 9th marked one year since initial diplomatic contact between Newton's Fusiliers and Patreus Planning;...
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Squadron info

Name: Praetorian Curiate Assembly
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Denton Patreus
Language: English
Timezone: +01:00 (Rome)

PvEPvPRoleplayRelaxed/casualDevoted/hardcoreOpenFaction supportersPower supporters

In-game squadron name:
  • PCPraetorian Curiate Assembly [PCAS]
  • XBoxPraetorian Curiate Assembly [PCAV]
  • PS4Praetorian Curiate Assembly [PCAV]

Squadron commander: Baldbeard
Members: 45
Ships: 581
Supporters: 14
Squadron age: 1436 days
Headquarters: SPOCS 900
Minor faction: Praetorian Curiate Assembly

In coalition with: