Gorg E Shmorg / 30 Oct 3303
CMDR Gorg E Shmorg - Log Entry 2 - Back to the Bubble

CMDR Gorg E Shmorg, Log Entry 2. Location - System Ratraii, Docked at Colonia Dream. Time is approximately 0000, 30th of October, the year 3303. Preparations are complete. It is time to go. I have just finished stripping my ship of all unnecessary modules. Mass trimmed as much as possible,...

Gorg E Shmorg / 27 Oct 3303
CMDR Gorg E Shmorg - Log Entry 1 - Alien Aspirations

-el so stupid talking to this thing. Oh, it's on. Uhhhhhhh.... CMDR Gorg E Shmorg, First log entry. Location - System Mobia, Planet Mobia C2, Bridge of the Anaconda, Paul Revere. Time is approximately 1600, 27th of October, the year 3303. I've been meaning to start a log for a while now. Found...

King Rusty / 09 Oct 3303
Fly around the block

Just got my hands on the new Diamondback Explorer, gonna put it through it's paces with a quick trip down to the WitchHead Nebula. An easy trip for a veteran explorer, in fact it may as well be a trip down to the local shop to them but I need to take it easy after my trip to a grid outside the bubble...

Cral Travis / 16 Jul 3303
Still engineering the Federal Corvette "Scorpio"

UPDATE: Dirty Drives grade 5 done at Prof Palin.  Beam Lasers Efficient Weapon grade 5 finished at Broo Tarquin (thermal vent and thermal shock).  Rapid charge shield cells done at Lori Jameson (grade 3 is the max anyone can do).  Multi-cannons finished with a mix of Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn...

Cral Travis / 26 Jun 3303
Quick stats update

26-06-3303 at 19:16hrs 28,604 systems visited (+1,019 since last major trip). Profits from exploration 606,451,403Cr (+32,718,938 since last major trip = average 32,109Cr per system). Level 2 detailed scans 3697 (+8 since last trip). Level 3 detailed scans 66,338 (+18 since last major trip). Highest...

Cral Travis / 16 Jun 3303

Whew... that docking was nerve-racking, with over a month's-worth of survey data. 16-06-3303 at 21:00hrs 27,585 systems visited (+3,749 since last major trip). Profits from exploration 573,732,465Cr (+345,230,116 since last major trip = average 92,086Cr per system). Level 2 detailed scans 3689...

Unreal-Skarj / 29 May 3303
CMDR Skarj Izarian: Log I

//Begin Transmission// .. ...... ... .. ...... .... ... ...... .... ..... ... ^*@^$*#....&**#&*(#%... Finally! I've figured out how Lakon integrated the log system into this ship. They certainly know their ship design, but their electronic systems sure could use an overhaul. I'm...

Crazystudioz / 27 May 3303

System Initiated... Connecting to Ship Systems... Connected. Connecting to user datalink... Connected. Pinging Data Servers... Got 889... Ping bad. Pinging Secondary Data Servers... Got 27... Ping Good. Connecting to Secondary Data Servers... Connected. Reading Ship Files... M: 1E/G...

Cral Travis / 22 May 3303
Hub Axis

Reached 2,909 ly directly Galactic South or "below" Sag A*. Unfortunately, 200+ ly gaps and long runs of T Tauri (only) systems mean that's about as far as I can make it on a quick attempt - Sag A* itself beckons (even though every CMDR and his space-dog have been there). After that, continue...

Joseph Wood / 17 May 3303
Escape Pods discovered on remote world.

While surveying moon Aucoks KI=Z D1-35 5 D for needing raw materials, I noted that this system is uninhabited but there is a system defense force ship actually patrolling overhead.  I just found what looks like the the remains of a crash site.  There appears to be six escape pods and a canister of conductive...
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Squadron info

Name: Privateer's Alliance
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:
  • PCPrivateers Alliance [PRVA]
  • XBoxPrivateers Alliance [PRVA]
  • PS4Privateers Alliance [PRVA]

Squadron commander: Psykit
Members: 724
Ships: 3819
Supporters: 60
Squadron age: 1406 days
Headquarters: HIP 33368 [Barjavel Station]
Minor faction: Privateer's Alliance
Minor faction: Privateer's Alliance Expeditionary Force
Supporting: Privateer's Alliance
Supporting: Privateer's Alliance Expeditionary Force

In coalition with: