Logbook entry

Shuggiebhoy4540 / 26 Feb 3305

Commanders log,

Stardate 3319022.6,

USS VOYAGER NCC74656 has been ordered to the GQ VIRGINIS system to rescue survivors of the ill fated RAY ENTERPRISE station.

She has already begun rescuing survivors and has managed to save over 200 survivors so far and she will stay in the system for at least the time being

She had begun rescuing survivors as of yesterday and had to return to sol for federal naval promotion to post captain, on doing so she was hyperdicted by a thargoid ship who proceeded to scan the ship, the thargoid left without altercations and VOYAGER returned to her previous course to sol where Commander shuggiebhoy4540 was promoted to post captain.

I cant help but feel, VOYAGER was allowed to carry on her course undamaged by the thargoid ship as the obvious victor would have been the alien vessel as voyager had been rendered inoperable and she was dead in the water, any attack at that point would most certainly have resulted in the destruction of VOYAGER.

Is this a sign there may be some way of a diplomatic resolve to the conflict between the two races?, who knows, maybe there has been some missunderstanding by both races, maybe the thargoid had been attacked by another human ship at some point, there may have been some missled information by some other influence to the thargoids as to human intentions.

Until this is negotiated and all parties can hammer out a ceasefire, i fear the war between the various warring races can not be stopped until one or more races are wiped out, personally i do not think any race wants the innihilation of its race and any being with a sense of self preservation, must!, make the first move to end this bloody war.

No time for delay, VOYAGER headed back to GQ VIRGINIS, where she resumed rescue operations and is still stationed on board the rescue ship stationed there, she will resume rescuing survivors after a short breafing.

End log.
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