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Shuggiebhoy4540 / 24 Sep 3305
Exploration of space

Commanders log,stardate 3319092.4,i have resumed command of the USS VOYAGER for some exploration, i do not intend to go very far out so as i can get back to my other duties if and when required.

I only intend investigating a fairly close voyage, only around 1,000 LY or so, i am not too bothered about re-naming any planets or anything i just felt like a bit of time out in the black to visit a few locations and if i descover new things then all well and good otherwise i only intend to find some things i hav not seen before.

I cant say how long i will stay out, i hope its for a decent amount of time but if i get homesick i can get back and do some mining or policing or some missions quick enough.

End log.
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