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Bernard of Tongeren / 20 Aug 3304
Captain's Log, Star Date 96237.14, the Death of Space Liam Neeson

.......where do I begin? It happened so suddenly....

It was a sunny day on the Moon, though one could argue its ALWAYS a sunny day on the moon, when the sun did rise, as the crew of the Galopin stood around the grave of Fox "Liam" McGoffrey.

We had built a small cairn out of moon rocks and spray painted them gold, according to his wishes and the practices of his family, he would have liked that.
We wish we could contact his next of Kin, but finding his only family, his son, was the reason he came aboard the begin with.

To be fair, he went out the way he would have wanted to, in gloriouse combat, I just think he would have liked one of his blood to be there to sing his story afterwards.
It happened during a routine mining operation, we where out gathering rare minerals and clearing old caches in the asteroid fields, when out of now where some bastard popped out and started firing.

He was probably one of the old crew, those with whom I worked before as we did not pick him up on any scanners until he was right on top of us. Fox bravely jumped into his fighter and gave chase as we focused on getting our weapons lined up. Next thing we knew, systems failures, systems failures everywhere. It was clear we would lose the ship, and I gave the order to abandon ship.
As we rushed to the escape pods I sent a message to Fox to peel off, but we both knew that this bastard would fire on our escape pods without a second thought. Because of this he decided to stay, to continue hounding the Anaconda until either he or it would be no more.
As it turned out, he did kill it, a flawless strafe on its port side saw its shields pop and then he could unload his plasma repeaters on its exposed powerplant.

Just before he could pull out of the run however the ship exploded, and burning wreckage, as effective as rail gun shots, ripped through the wings of his fighter.

We watched, in horror, as his starboard wing was ripped off and his port wing burst into flames, sending his craft spinning into an asteroid before he could eject. His reactor breached on impact and a new, tiny stat existed for the briefest of moments on the face of that asteroid. It was to signal the end of Fox, and the little wreckage we could salavage later is what now occupies this coffin.

Fox was the greatest fighter pilot we had ever seen, and though we had to hire a new one at port, it will be a while before we see another one like him again. It was definitly with a heavy heart that I placed his belonging into a holding bank on Earth, incase his son makes it back there without us knowing. Hopefully when he tries to look up his father's name he will see this megre inheritance waiting for him and know that he never gave up on him. There is also an encrypted message within so that, should he desire it, we can find each other and we can go together to his father's grave. Not sure about the mother, he never talked about her no matter how drunk he got. Maybe she will seek us out as well, if she still lives, who knows.

As we placed the last stone on the Cairn and gently lowered the coffin into the hole, we couldnt help think of the future. We all felt that this should not be the end of the search for his son, and if he was dead we would lay him to rest here, next to his father. Thats a promise, and the few people who have heard me give promises will know, I intend to deliver, even if he's hiding on the other side of the galaxy.
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