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Lt.CanadianJesus / 05 Feb 3305
Commander Lima Tango Charlie - Log I

I'm new to this whole log thing, but I figured one day; someone or... something may get the better of me and end me right there and then, so I'd like to leave something to find, something so at least someone remembers my journey in the stars.

I've been a Commander since 3301, Just around when Hudson got in power, It's been one hell of a journey, I started off with trading, did that for around 6 months until i got enough for the Beauty that was my Vulture, The FNS Venom, What a ship she was, Every day I'd go out from the station in LHS 3505 and hunted until I ran out of Chaff and Shield cells banks, All the while I'm rising through the ranks of the Federations Auxiliary corps, soon enough I had millions of credits, enough to move even up to an FDL, but it didn't feel right, Leaving my vulture, So the Venom and I stayed, that is until 3303 when everything went right; I got a tip-off about making millions destroying skimmers, you know, the little flying robots that protect outposts? yea, Turns out a few factions were paying millions for us commanders to undermine the other factions, admittedly i played both sides but it got me a massive profit, that's when i decided the time had come, I rushed back to my new home system, Neto, And proceeded to accept dozens of missions for the Federation, and it payed off, i got to "Rear Admiral" in the Aux Corps, and through that, could buy the Federal Corvette, my dream ship, Named the FNS Persistence, then in 3305, they released Core mining equipment to the Commanders and it's been a huge profit boost since then, In between The Venom and The Persistence I did fly a few other ships, Namely An Anaconda That's now become my mining vessel, A python that I lost to a wing of rogue Commanders, An FDL I just didn't enjoy and several others, 3305 is also the year of Distant worlds 2, i joined it, albeit only for the first checkpoint, regardless, it was enjoyable, These days i'm mostly mining my ass off and working with the Nova Force, i'm also in close friendship with a fairly new Fellow commander.

So, I guess that's log one, Don't really know how to end it, to be honest, Well, Fly safe commanders

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07 Feb 3305
CMDR Lima Tango Charlie - Log II
05 Feb 3305
Commander Lima Tango Charlie - Log I
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Nova Force is an Elite Dangerous Clan AKA Player Group.

Name: Nova Force
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Zachary Hudson
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

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Squadron commander: -Boston-
Members: 592
Ships: 3285
Supporters: 24
Squadron age: 1347 days

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