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Lt.CanadianJesus / 07 Feb 3305
CMDR Lima Tango Charlie - Log II

So, the second log, better get on with it I guess.

Today was... Pretty slow, Flew around for a few hours trying to get that asshat Marco Quent to give some semblance of an invite so I can get to Professor Palin, trying to get my Vette outfitted with some new thrusters. It was already a pain trying to gain the trust of Sirius Corporation, They wanted me to fly around for 4-5 hours doing data transfers, I asked them what else there was, so I could get the Sirius permit faster, they wanted me to steal a bunch of data from rivals, so I did, paid off the bounties though, Now I've got access to Sirius, But I still need 25 Modular Terminals; which for some reason, Aren't sold on the market but are instead offered for missions, So it's either I use a bunch of my time looking for missions with Modular Terminal rewards or I talk the the EIC, I'll take the EIC route for now, anyway, that's it I guess, LTC Signing Off.

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07 Feb 3305
CMDR Lima Tango Charlie - Log II
05 Feb 3305
Commander Lima Tango Charlie - Log I
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