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Lt.CanadianJesus / 22 Feb 3305
CMDR Lima Tango Charlie - Log III - The Elite

It's Finally happened, After being a commander for 4 years, it finally happened.

The new mining equipment boosted me to a whole new level of profits and... Recognition shall we say, I've been a Commander for Four years; since 3301,  Yesterday I made the jump into the legendary system Shinrarta Dezra, The mining craze got me recognized as "Elite" In trade, It's funny, I've destroyed over 5000 ships and I'm only recognized as "Deadly" in combat rank, I guess the Pilots Federation really wants us commanders to work hard for being Elite in Combat, I guess that makes sense, I'm planning on building a Krait MK II to fight Thargoid scouts, I guess killing the little buggers gets you around 4x the "Recognition" Than destroying an Elite Ranked pilot, at least That's what I've been told.

The system is truly amazing, I get 10% off EVERYTHING, all the ships in the world, all the modules you could think of, it has everything and I'm so happy to finally be there.

CMDR LTC Signing off

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