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Lt.CanadianJesus / 28 Apr 3305
Commander Lima Tango Charlie - Log IV - Hunting

it's been a while since I've done one of these, but... i'll get on with it.

Past couple of weeks has been great, I've been hunting  down pirate lords, Corrupt politicians, Et cetera.

These guys are pure scum, doing anything and everything for profit, one, whose name i can't remember was credited to "Buying imperial slaves to test weapons on" horrific shit, found the fucker a couple jumps from the system i got the mission to kill him in, he had a friend in a vulture but it wasn't much of a fight compared to my Vette, i noticed though the vulture had weapons with effects that are similar to some of the effects  "The Dweller" has put on my lasers, Even though "Dweller" is shady as fuck I really hope he's not selling his services to scum like this, I returned to Shinrata afterwards and found an invitation from the "Alchemy Den" Commander group on my messages, I've joined them in 59 Virginis, A beautiful system might I add.
After that, I went hunting again, somewhere along the way i decided i needed some music, i pulled up Galnet and searched for some songs, I found some stuff from waaaaay back in the 21st century, bunch of songs from some group called "Blues Saraceno" and "AC/DC" were just a couple of the bands, don't know why but It *really* fit what I was doing.
Anyways, that's where i'm at now, I've parked up at a station for a while, so that'll be that, maybe I'll get to end more of these assholes tomorrow.

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