Svendorrian / 07 Jun 3305
Ship Classes

PLAY STYLE IS TRADER-EXPLORER-BOUNTY HUNTER CLASS TYPES ARE: HIMINBJORG General Class. Multi-Purpose Trade ships Taken from Norse Mythology- Heimdal's Castle in the heavens. GUNGNIR- Combat and Battle focused ships The lightning bolt spear of Odin....

Alijah / 02 Nov 3304
A rather Pleasant Encounter

Well there isn't much of this little entry.. I've been shipping for Prismatic Imperium for about a Month now doing my own thing making money, I pledged my allegiance to the princess yada yada yada... So here I am bringing in a load of Beryllium to Cubeo and what do you know, theres a blockade there.....

Svendorrian / 07 Dec 3303
o7...All pilots are Elite...o7

The Void... An endless vacuum.... Eternal Darkness.... ...............and fits of madness. Sources of crushing gravity and gravity-nonexistent....planets with no atmosphere and atmospheres so dense you would be instantly crushed if exposed....stellar sources of radiation that can cook you...

Trinity A. Craft / 28 Jul 3303
The Fledgeling Pilot

Trinity joined the Prismatic Imperium shortly after arriving in Cubeo, though her involvement with the faction was minimal at first. Trinity spent nearly a year building her assets as a peaceful merchant. However, her financial growth was stifled after she upgraded to a Python since she began to spend...

Trinity A. Craft / 22 Jul 3303

Percival Logan Craft sold himself into Imperial slavery to cover his mother’s medical costs after she fell ill. Due to his skillset, he was stationed in mechanical jobs. His mother passed away while he was still serving his term, and he regretted not being able to be there for her as her health waned. One...

Guregorii / 19 Aug 3302
STARDATE: AUG 19, 2302 - ENTRY LOG 002

I ended up trading in my Type-6 for my old Cobra Mk III and will probably do the same for the Viper Mk. III to afford some better upgrades. I don't mind trading, but I've always lived by the "Jack of all Trades" philosophy. It's cheaper for me to focus on one ship and max out its potential...

Guregorii / 16 Aug 3302
Stardate: Aug 16, 2302 - Entry Log 001

My first entry log. I didn't think I would go this far. From my humble beginnings in a little Sidewinder, I had assumed that I would have some fun and head back home after a few weeks. Every few months I came back, ran a couple sorties, caught a few bounties, then I would disappear again. The last...

Squadron info

Imperial patronage that unifies three distinct branches in their support of Aisling Duval. Organizations are distributed between MIND, VIGOR, and SIGHT with the most influential in each branch holding offices in the Prismatic Palace. The primary interest of the Prismatic Imperium is to establish Cubeo as a prosperous paradise and a shining example of the ingenuity and generosity of Imperial Society where progressives and traditionalists work in unity for the benefit of all.

Name: Prismatic Imperium
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Aisling Duval
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

Squadron commander: Kevin Massey
Members: 85
Ships: 536
Supporters: 66
Squadron age: 1387 days
Headquarters: Cubeo
Minor faction: Prismatic Imperium
Supporting: Adamantine Union
Supporting: Colonists of Aurora

In coalition with: