Hellzy87 / 20 Jun 3305
Journey into Empire

So after my assassination contract was completed, decided I need a change in pace of things. so now i joined the Empire with group called Lavigny’s Legion, an so far been very interesting. I have been participating in assisting a Fleet called Edge Fleet, which is focused on defending against the thargoid...

Hellzy87 / 12 Jun 3305

So I received a very interesting contract today, it has been soo long since I had a contract to track down an kill a VIP of a squad. we just say it was very successful, despite heavy damage to my ship, it goin be in the ship yards for while it seems. I had 2 other ships protecting the VIP, they was very...

Vallysa / 02 Jun 3305
Fire in the Heavens

The faint, burnt taste of ozone from the stale oxygen filled Vallysa's nose and the reverberating echo of her breath filled her head through the sealed helmet of the Remlock suit.  The thin glass of her helmet was now the only thing between her and the vacuum of space as she stared through the naked...

Leon Falkner / 15 May 3305
Legion Log 4 - Touchdown

Synuefe EU-Q C21-10 Planet A3 2100        The LLV Appaloosa dove out of the darkness, engines screaming to slow the descent out of the orbital glide. The Asp Explorer banked in a loping arc, the thrusters casting a pale glow over the broken and crumbling structures below. “Guardian Structure” was...

Leon Falkner / 13 May 3305
Legion Log 3 - Dust Off

Carthage System Planet New Carthage Lavingy’s Legion Headquarters Complex 14:21 Local Planet Time Leon’s running shoes beat a steady time against the pristine smooth walkways as he jogged his way around the complex. Sweat plastered his hair to his face, and his stark white shirt that read “FALKNER”...

Manicfarmer / 08 May 3305
Guardian Ruins and certain Death

In light of reading about the new interstellar initiatives, I decided to visit these guardian ruins before there was a ferry bringing folks out there in swaths.  Honestly, I always considered tales of the Guardians to be urban myths.  I was hardly going to consider flying 1000 ly to visit some fictitious...

Gréviste / 04 May 3305
Business as usual

Patrick idly watched the solar flare next to him. His prey should appear any minute now. His contact had said that a transport was en route to a station in this system with a full cargo of painite. A Type-6 transporter, with light armor and even lighter weaponry, filled to the brim with one of the rarest...

Manicfarmer / 02 May 3305
Hot Coffee, Deep Core Mining and grinding to upgrade

I was quite skeptical after speaking to that stranger in the bar when he told me I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams.  He was absolutely right about everything.  That doesn't make the work easy but it pays quite handsomely.  I prefer icy pristine rings in uninhabited systems.  Sometimes I get scanned...

MykalWuzHere / 20 Apr 3305

Here this goes. I overheard some Engineers talking about logging their trips and figured why not give it a try. It couldn’t hurt to save my adventures for someone to find long after I’ve blended with the stars. A little about me I’m Mykal, 22, born in mid-flight near Cubeo. I was raised Alliance, I stayed...

Manicfarmer / 11 Apr 3305
Back in the Black

It took 2 weeks to get my ship repaired.  The insurance company refused to pay for a new telepresence module.  They made them repair it and getting the parts took forever.  The company that makes mine is over 5,000 LY away and they don't even sell these components for resale so the entire thing felt...
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Squadron info

Lavigny's Legion is a multi-lingual, all-platform, Imperial player group for any type of player; casual or professional, new pilot or bitter veteran. Operating mainly in the widely-used chat platform Discord, Lavigny's Legion is a well-connected community boasting numerous diplomatic ties, coordinated efforts, and a colorful, active atmosphere.

Name: Lavigny's Legion
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Arissa Lavigny-Duval
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPRoleplayRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedDevoted/hardcoreOpenAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersPower supportersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCLavigny’s Legion [LLPC]
  • XBoxLavigny’s Legion [LLXB]
  • PS4Lavigny’s Legion [LLPS]

Squadron commander: Extremofire
Members: 748
Ships: 3634
Supporters: 65
Squadron age: 1454 days
Headquarters: Carthage [Marker Depot]
Minor faction: Lavigny's Legion
Supporting: Chapterhouse of Inquisition
Supporting: The 9th Legion

In coalition with: