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30 Jul 2019
Scully-Power's 500

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This mission was set by the allied/supported squadron: The Galactic Archive

Time for a bit of fun!
Location: Scully-Power's Progress, Kuntae A1
Date: 27 & 28 July 3305

We would like to welcome our good friends to get together for a bit of fun and a little friendly competition.
We will be hosting the first, of hopefully many, Kuntae SRV race.

Read more for details

O7! Hope to see you all there

Mission details

Scully-Power's 500

Location: Scully-Power's Progress, Kuntae A1
Date: 27 & 28 July 3305

Squadron members and Allies.
You are all invited to attend and participate in the first ever Scully-Power's 500 SRV Race.

The Race: (See Map Below)

Races will begin on the hour. (If there's a larger than expected turn out, Half hour races my be needed)
Start - Racers will be in place at the starting line 5 minutes prior to starting time.

   On start, racers will drive the perimeter road clockwise around the inside of the base following the path which will have on and off ramps at some points, back to the starting point.

   Up through the station entrance tunnel.

   Turning left on the outside of the station, and around the exterior perimeter.

   Returning through the same station entrance tunnel.

Interior tunnel exit is the finish line.

1st one in the group across the line, Wins!
   Mark your time from start to finish to compare later.

Depending on the number of racers, and race winners, we will have a final 2 races and the end of the day.

Final Race 1: Winners against winners. All Winners to the starting line for the Best of the Best with honors Race.

Final Race 2:
Everyone in attendance......
Mad Max to the Finish Line!
Follow the course, and try not to get killed!

This is the first one, so organizing will be a bit of a learning challenge. But, it should be fun overall.
This is all simply to get together, get to know one another and have a good laugh.
We all get stuck sometimes with BGS, Fighting, Running missions etc.
Time to break out of the rut.

Standard park rules:
   Be nice to each other.
   Don't attack anyone. (except for the last race, no judgements there.... "Accidents happen")
   Pick up your trash. Don't leave Slurpee Cups all over the place, this is our home.
   And most important. Have Fun!

This post will be updated as things come into focus.
Also check the private event channel in Danger Zone to chat and share.

We look forward to seeing you all there.
- MAD7

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