Other missions

MissionSquadronLocationVisibility  Updated  
4 VENTS -- Fase 2 -- MIGJORNRepubliCAT'sPublic3 days ago
Operation: Eye of the StormC - JUSTICE BLUE SQUAD 1ST DIVISIONPublic6 days ago
The A* ChallengeBuckyball Racing ClubSagittarius A*Public9 days ago
In Search Of A HomeOUSTER MIGRATION CLUSTERPublic12 days ago
The Colonia Trophy DashBuckyball Racing ClubColoniaPublic13 days ago
The Pomeche Ridge ChallengeBuckyball Racing ClubPomechePublic14 days ago
Operation; Kill & Bury gcob RougesSociety Of GreybeardsCartuPublic18 days ago
Takeover of HIP 95309Nexus UnionHIP 95309Public21 days ago
Xeno DefenseInterplanetary ExplorationsWitch Head Sector LC-V c2-10Public22 days ago
SPOC Perseus Charting ExpeditionSouth Pacific Obscurity CorpsSoul Sector EL-Y d7Public38 days ago
Operation IDAInterplanetary ExplorationsHR 1183Public40 days ago
Founding factionEmpyrean NavyPublic49 days ago
Takeover of Boreo outpost - Peano Beacon.Nexus UnionBoreoPublic49 days ago
Takeover of Avaticus outposts and planetary base.Nexus UnionAvaticusPublic49 days ago
Exploration Tour AlphaGate OnePublic54 days ago
Operation VoidRoyal Navy Space CorpsMaiaPublic56 days ago
recruitment / rekrutacjaTriariiJakalikiPublic61 days ago
Federal Expansion AidAlphabet SquadronEirPublic61 days ago
RecruitmentExplorers of the GalaxyPublic61 days ago
Taking Back SaffronKnights of CristinaSaffronPublic111 days ago
The Bacon ListBacon HubKakmbulPublic115 days ago
Operation Burn Cartu to AshesThe Galactic Consortium of BillionairesCartuPublic155 days ago
Aisling Duval - Critical Data RetrievalIron Wolf Exploration NavyPublic179 days ago
Empire Factions Hurt Aisling’s Economy!Praetorian ConfederacyPublic203 days ago
Libération du système MAGECAlliance of Might and MagecMagecPublic208 days ago
[TUTORIAL] Solicitar entrada no esquadrãoBrazilian League of PilotsPublic212 days ago
collecting funds for Carriership2nd Spectre Flotilla VanaheimrFiannaPublic218 days ago
Friday Night Fight ClubThe HANDPublic226 days ago
Hell's Mob New Mission:Hell's MobPublic239 days ago
Jellyfish Expedition Dec. 30 3304Ghost BearPublic261 days ago
Distant Worlds 2Ghost BearPublic280 days ago
Secrets and LiesOperation AndromedaPublic291 days ago
Lost and FoundOperation AndromedaPublic291 days ago
In The DeepOperation AndromedaPleiades Sector HR-W d1-79Public291 days ago
Don’t Panic!Operation AndromedaPleiades Sector HR-W d1-74Public291 days ago
ALERTE EVACUATION // EVACUATION PROTOCOLMediCorp [WA]NgaiawangPublic307 days ago
SLF Shenanigans - Date - TBALate Night Murder HobosPomechePublic344 days ago
Mercenary Contracts for Fuel Rat ProtectionThe Galactic Consortium of BillionairesPublic362 days ago
Promote Stability and Prosperity in CubeoPrismatic ImperiumCubeoPublic378 days ago
Cone Expedition Support ServiceCavaliers Le ChardonPublic378 days ago
Destroy IcarusScreaming EaglesPublic394 days ago
Have Fun!The Frikin' Cobras [TFC]Public425 days ago
CAOS y DESTRUCCION!SKULLHarmaPublic426 days ago
Recruits Ahoy!RDRIMomus ReachPublic437 days ago
temporada de caceria de targoides abiertaCOMANDO ELITE HISPANOMaiaPublic447 days ago
Recruitment.The East Circini CompanyPublic457 days ago
Galactic HorizonsChildren Of The SunPublic463 days ago
"The Greenwitch Race"VERITAS KINGDOMLFT 142Public491 days ago
Californication799Public501 days ago
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