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About The Galactic Vanguard of Independent Colonies

The Galactic Vanguard of Independent Colonies

     In the wake of recent events unfolding across the galaxy in the year 3302, with the cold conflict heating up between the Empire and Federation, and the weird distress signals found on crashed ships in the black. Also an alien message found in one of the unknown probes that might lead us to an even greater discovery in the galaxy.  A group of pilots had decided that it was time to establish a coalition comprised of pilot’s from all walks of life. The name of this coalition was to be (“The Galactic Vanguard of Independent Colonies”).

  Our sole purpose is to protect human kind from all threats in the galaxy human and alien alike. We will send out exploration teams in hopes of establishing contact and peace with any alien races met in the vast galaxy. If we cannot find a way to bring about peace and alliances with any of the alien races we will be prepared to react and combat any hostilities brought against the human race and any of its alien allies. In this form of thinking we are proud to announce that we are proud to be one of the galaxy’s defender’s and will stand next to any that would need or request our help. “The Galactic Vanguard of Independent Colonies  keeping the galaxy safe one star at a time”. We are excepting recruits no matter your skill or what power you are allied with. We also hope to establish treaties with other groups so to insure a strong network is brought about to keep the galaxy safe.

Squadron info

Name: The Galactic Vanguard of Independent Colonies
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Anarchist210
    Members: 12
    Ships: 19
    Supporters: 0
    Squadron age: 1039 days

    In coalition with:


    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    BiggBossHogg210HarmlessAsp Explorer---------XBox
    VorticalOrange6HarmlessType-6 Transporter---------
    May Not HaveHarmless---------XBox
    Tiger Rex29Harmless---------
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