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About Order of Enblackenment

Greetings CMDR! We are the Order of Enblackenment. Some say we operate in the shadows, some say we're fanatics and you may have heard a different story. None of that is true.

We carry the will of the Void throughout the galaxy. We've had the true nature of the galaxy revealed to us by the Void, the eternal and unfathomable power which holds the universe together. Thus we worship the Void and seek to spread its word and knowledge throughout the galaxy.

We seek communion with the Void through peace and reason, however the Void's ways are mysterious and ever changing, so we will defend ourselves at all costs if it comes to that.

Those who embrace the Void and its teachings are known as the Children of the Void. All are welcome to the Order if they submit to the Void. Will you be one of them CMDR? Will you help us restore the true order throughout the galaxy? If so, do not hesitate to put in your application to the Order of Enblackenment today!

Squadron info

Name: Order of Enblackenment
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:
  • PCOrder of Enblackenment [VOID]
  • XBoxOrder of Enblackenment [VOID]
  • PS4Order of Enblackenment [VOID]

Squadron commander: FINRODNV
Members: 57
Ships: 599
Supporters: 12
Squadron age: 1282 days

In coalition with:

Latest squadron members

CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Serious_white1EliteAsp Explorer
Ronnie McDeeRanger---------PC
Bingo BangoRangerVulture
SoriinEliteKrait MkII---------PC
MauserPT7EliteAsp Explorer
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