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About Shadow Society

Shadow Society is specifically for a small number (under 50) of AUS instancing-friendly CMDRs who want to be free to have their own engagements but be able to connect to other players. A very small commitment of time is expected of all members.

Shadow Society was founded during the great hunt of 3302, when a group of mercenaries banded together and staged a coup on the controlling faction of a star system.
Since then Shadow Society has grown, formed alliances with other nearby groups, and branched out into subdivisions.

Shadow Societys subdivision; Labrynthian Coven, which is a Xeno-Archaeology and Exploration wing, conducts missions into the deep black in an effort to decode the mysteries presented by the unknown others.  

The goal here is regular players who play together frequently - this wing is not for Solo play. We use discord for chat, and coordinate missions through this Inara page.

Feel free to drop in and say hello!

Squadron info

Name: Shadow Society
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: WreckWren
    Members: 14
    Ships: 119
    Supporters: 0
    Squadron age: 1244 days

    In coalition with: