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About 1st TCTF Joint Squadron

1st TCTF Joint Squadron formed in 3305 in Eranin with aim to allow subsquadrons coordinate operations as combined Joint Task Force of Terran Colonial Forces faction. Some of the squadrons in TCTF have more than 10 years of service and are also active in Alliance Joint Navy.

            Parent Faction organization           
                 Joint Squadron              


Squadron ID 301st 
Nickname: TCEagles aka Terran Colonial Eagles
Ship ID: 301TCF
Leader: John "crashbx" Kelbor
Second in command: Kryptoria
Requirements: Elite Combat or Elite Trade or Elite Exploration
Activities: PVP, BGS, Anti-Xeno, Mentoring, currently operating under 1st Terran Colonial Task Force Squadron
Description: 301st TCEagles are one of the oldest squadrons in TCF with more than 15 years of service. This squadron is known for its heroic acts and fighting against all odds and their motto is "Who dares wins !"

Squadron ID 317th 
Nickname: Scythers
Ship ID: 317TCF
Leader: Komaros Rex
Second in command: Leviathan 
Requirements: Elite in everything, polish speaking
Activities: PVE, PVP, BGS, currently operating under 1st Terran Colonial Task Force Squadron
Description: Ex Mercenaries who fought side by side in war in Omicron cluster with 301st TCEagles. Their origin is from old nation of Poland and are keeping the tradition of Polish culture.             

Squadron info

Name: 1st TCTF Joint Squadron
Allegiance: Alliance
Power: Edmund Mahon
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPRoleplayRelaxed/casualDevoted/hardcoreOpenPrivate groupAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersPower supportersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PC1st Terran Colonial Task Force [TCTF]

Squadron commander: John 'crashbx' Kelbor
Members: 72
Ships: 519
Supporters: 17
Squadron age: 1655 days
Headquarters: Eranin [Azeban City]
Minor faction: Terran Colonial Forces
Supporting: Lave Fortune Organisation
Supporting: Turner Research Group

In coalition with: