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About The Forge

The Forge is a collection of commanders from all over.

Meant to be a hub of science, exploration, and knowledge. It is also a set of diplomatic missions, in which we are trying to bring together representatives and ambassadors from as many groups as possible to discuss issues that affect the entire community, also to try to establish peaceful relations with alien races we may encounter out in space, if at all possible, and to protect that peace as well as the community.  

The Forge itself is a neutral entity, made up of many commanders, and we stay out of the conflicts between factions.  We do not have our own in-game faction or a home system, and no territory to defend for ourselves.  This set of missions only applies to commanders when they are flying under the banner of The Forge, and when they are flying under the command and banner of other groups in game, they are not bound by the laws of The Forge.

We are not exclusive, we wish to accommodate any and all who are willing to come and be a part of this great endeavor.

We now have our own twitter profile!
And Discord Server! Here (Although you can click on the widget as well)

"SCIENTIA AC LABORE" - Knowledge Through Hard Work

Squadron info

Name: The Forge
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Dutch Foster (Forge)
    Members: 10
    Ships: 35
    Supporters: 2
    Squadron age: 1111 days

    In coalition with: