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About Star Dragons (dragocias)

dragocias (Star dragons), is from the Norse Mythology of Creatures that lived in Space and were generally very knowledgeable But also very Dangerous. We are humanoid but in our appearance we are more dragon. Average height is around 7ft tall, we have long tails that sometimes the tips usually drag on the ground that is capable of being used in combat. we stand on hind legs that end with claw/ paw like feet. We have a mix between fur and scales that cover our whole body.

Our Race has been on the run for a long time from the Thargoids who attacked our world which we was not ready to rebel. We were a more peaceful race learning and study to advance ourselves and others throughout the universe. Now is the time for war and survival. With our species dwindle on a thread we are mostly a military power now as we ran from once was our home world. Finding the Human race we first come into contact with the Federation, with our haste and lack of motivation of understand both sides considered each other a threat. When war between our races was to break out that is when we met the Empire. Our desire for peace was our downfall since our numbers were already few we lost 1/4 to enslavement to the mistrust and betrayal of the Empire. Thus finding Independence powers that offered to help us on saving our people let alone seek our revenge. We stand by working with Independent powers working on the market and standing idle knowing full well Thargoids will show themselves once again. This time with the help of our new found allie and with the promise of better weapons we shall overcome.

This faction is only dedicated to themselves but will help out allies when the need comes. We will desire peace before war, We are a roleplay faction based upon our Race and will treat Empire and Federation as hostile if interdicted or seem like a threat near us.

Squadron info

Name: Star Dragons (dragocias)
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Warhavic
    Members: 4
    Ships: 25
    Supporters: 3
    Squadron age: 857 days

    In coalition with: