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About The Frontier Alliance

Greetings Commanders

We are the Anarcho Communist Collective, the Democratic Confederalist United Front (among other names) though primarily The Frontier Alliance . We are members of the Galactic Communist Union, originally coming from the AEDC. Membership in the Alliance is being considered. We used to operate around Lave until emigrating to The North. If you are laid back and interested in spreading freedom, democracy and socialism then consider joining up. This is a group that started off as a number of Anarchist Communists, we have been through some victories but primarily a long line of defeat and heavy losses, we have learned many valuable lessons from this and thus embraced a United Leftist Front approach. If you are a comrade Socialist, Communist or Anarchist that desires a world rid of capitalism you are welcome here.

We hope to increase the number of Communist and Socialist player groups out here:

Discord Channel: - DM me if I am away, I am  a member of almost 65 discord servers so I have pings off understandably.

Private group is named 'ARGHouse', allies are welcome to join so they can partake in joint ops. Although I prefer playing in Open.

The revolution of the old Lave Frontier Alliance was built on the efforts of explorers and continues to thrive thanks to the human spirit of curiosity. Here is a list of systems and stations you can drop exploration data at:

Here is a list of factions you can support in our region:
-Any Indy/Alliance Communists, Coops, Confeds and Democracies in the Northern Hemisphere of the bubble (towards Polaris, above the Alliance territories)

We are looking for:
-Revolutionaries and Freedom Fighters
-Transport Pilots
-Engineers and Scientists

A bit more information:
-We believe in Direct Democracy. We also support Communist and Cooperative governments in power play.

BGS faction support preferences in order
3. Democracy - avoid anything with 'Liberal' in it.
'For Equality' 'Social' 'Revolutionary' or 'People's' tends to mean that the Democracy faction is likely Democratic Socialist.
4. Indy and Alliance Confederacies, Unionists, Democratic Confedralists and confederacies of Cooperatives.

PP support preferences in order
1. Aisling
2. Yuri Grom, he's not great but he support Communist factions
3. The Utopia
4. Archon the AnCap... who supports AnComs? If you are a PPer you can take advantage of his conflicted faction support.
5. Alliance, they tend to be well looked after by the AOS so don't worry about them.

-We do not encourage or believe in the myth of 'authoritarian' communism neither what could be considered State Centralism. Neither the bastardization of Anarchism called 'AnCapism', as Marx said 'from each according to their abilities', thus we encourage a diversity of tactics and tendencies,  From Democratic Socialism to Anarcho Mutualism, from Anarcho Communism to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. We encourage Leftist Solidarity and a United Front against Capitalism.

Squadron info

We fight for freedom, democracy and socialism, free from the oppressions of state and capital. Some of us hail from the ever exploited frontier, other such as my self have grown up on an Alliance system, and at some point have fought for it. If you want some fun, and maybe a laid back background sim experience then join up and come North!

Name: The Frontier Alliance
Allegiance: Alliance
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:
  • PCAnarcho Communist Collective [ACC1]

Squadron commander: ARGHouse
Members: 8
Ships: 30
Supporters: 12
Squadron age: 982 days

In coalition with: