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About White Star Foundation

The White Star Foundation was founded on 22nd January 3303 by Imperial Knight Sir Rufus Nightjar.
New pilots are welcome.

Mission Statement
The primary objective of the Foundation is to alleviate human suffering.  The founder is an Imperial citizen and believes strongly that members of the Empire are honour-bound to support those less fortunate than themselves for the greater good of the Empire and of humanity as a whole.

Members of the Foundation are expected to prioritise the supply of fresh food and food cartridges to areas which are experiencing famine, and the supply of medicines and medical devices into areas which are afflicted by disease.  By these means the duration of the famine or outbreak can be reduced.  Although this is an Imperial organisation pilots from outside of the Empire are welcome, on the understanding that aid will be provided according to priority: it is not possible to help everyone.  These priorities will be set by the Foundation in line with developing situations across many systems in the HIP 93373 region.

Often the people which would most benefit from the Foundation's intervention will be in systems which are wracked by war.  WSF members should be prepared to protect themselves if attacked, but should not instigate combat whilst on official duty.

Priorities for a WSF pilot should be:

1) Protect yourself and your crew.
You are most useful when you are alive.  Once you die others will have to shoulder your share of the burden so it is important that you stay alive.

2) Support factions that are members of the WSF
Within the sphere of operation many factions have joined the WSF.  Some are imperial powers, some are independent.  All welcome the progressive ideas that Aisling Duval brings, and all can rest assured that the health and well-being of them and their people are a high priority.
Factions on the WSF list will receive support and aid as soon as is reasonably practical.

3) Support factions that are not members of the WSF
The Foundation is focussed on supporting those groups of people that are most aligned with Aisling Duval's abolitionist policies, however all citizens under her control deserve a chance to live a life without suffering no matter what their beliefs may be.  Where possible the WSF will work to support even those who have spoken out against Her Imperial Highness.  This may not always be possible - due to resource availability, logistics, or pilot numbers - but the WSF will endeavour to do the most good with the limited resource available.
In extreme cases WSF pilots may be asked to operate many light years from their home base in response to urgent situations throughout the galaxy.

4) Contribute to the understanding of interstellar disease
By documenting and studying the progress of outbreaks and famines it is hoped that the Foundation will be able to shed new light onto their mechanisms.  Information obtained during WSF activities will be compiled into case studies.

5) Demonstrate the values of Aisling Duval
WSF members and their crew are expected not to support slavery or the traffic of narcotics.  Actions of WSF members whether on- or off-duty should not conflict with the interests of Aisling Duval or any minor factions aligned with her.  Where possible WSF pilots should employ crew who share the aspiration to support the needy.

The Foundation currently operates primarily in the systems exploited by HIP 97196 for Aisling Duval.  Pilots in other locations are welcome to join, but they are asked to be aware of the work that will be required to carry out effective health surveillance in their own area and to consider what resources they have available.

The Foundation actively reviews the status of factions and systems within its sphere of operations.  WSF members are also encouraged to report any impending famine or outbreak that they learn of: this early warning can be vital in identifying, prioritising and responding to a situation.
Details of systems in need, factions aligned with the WSF, and locations to obtain resources such as food and medicine are maintained within the WSF discussion area.  Pilots are encouraged to refer to this information when assigning themselves to any of the missions posted by the Foundation.

Squadron info

Name: White Star Foundation
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Aisling Duval
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Rufus Nightjar
    Members: 1
    Ships: 10
    Supporters: 0
    Squadron age: 940 days
    Headquarters: HIP 93373 [Bokeili Base]
    Minor faction: White Star Foundation

    In coalition with:


    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    Rufus NightjarTycoonPython
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