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About Angels of Death

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The Angels of Death, based out of 40 Ceti at Pailes Enterprises, acts as an independent organization focused on the mutual prosperity of its members through many types of game play. Our clan has withstood the test of time, existing proudly for 19 years across many games such as Battlefield, Battlefront II, Overwatch, Sea of Thieves and many more! Our organization shows no signs of slowing down -- we welcome you to join our Elite: Dangerous Division has been blazing its own trail since early 2017!

We have over 3000 active members, so you will never play alone regardless of which of our supported titles you play on any given day.
Our Elite: Dangerous division is very active -- we nearly always have members online looking to wing up. We welcome both new players and experienced players alike!
We have our own in-game faction in 40 Ceti, we received it about a year ago and have been working the BGS to expand it to other systems. The system sits on the border of Federal and Imperial space and receives the 15% LYR discount on all ships / outfitting.
We have members into trading, exploring, mining, bounty hunting, BGS manipulation, PVP, Thargoid hunting, Guardian tech and many other activities -- such as canyon racing and SRV demolition derbies. Senior members are happy to help new players get started on outfitting ships and understanding the game.
We have multiple weekly events that include all of the above on regular schedules
We’re fiercely against both PVP piracy and PVP murder -- we will avenge exploited victims.
Ruthlessness aside, the Angels of Death make excellent trading partners; we have deep pockets and access to the many of the galaxy’s finest commodities.
We make great friends, and terrible enemies.
Chief among our priorities is maintaining a gaming atmosphere free of drama that all can enjoy. While winning is important to us, so is fair play, respect among members, and courtesy to our volunteer staff.

Requirements for Membership

  • In order to be eligible for membership in the Elite Dangerous division, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Be on TeamSpeak whenever you are in-game
  • Wear AOD tags while you are in-game
  • Contribute to the forums regularly (once biweekly as the bare minimum)
  • Be both anti-PVP piracy and anti-PVP murder
  • Play fairly and respectfully


Before you can fill out an application, you need to register for our forums. You can do that by simply filling out the registration form. Once you have created an account, apply to our Elite: Dangerous Division -- consider this as a way for you to formally introduce yourself to us. After you've submitted your application, one of our officers will process and send you further instructions as soon as they are able.[

Squadron info

Name: Angels of Death
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Enu87
    Members: 66
    Ships: 775
    Supporters: 13
    Squadron age: 983 days
    Headquarters: 40 Ceti
    Minor faction: Angels of Death

    In coalition with: