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About Pixel Bandits Security Force

Nos stamus ut clypeus, renatus ex cinere

The PBSF started on Xbox One in 2015 as what we thought at the time would be a small group of pilots bumbling about the galaxy trying not to set things on fire. It's now been over three years and we are happy (if slightly bewildered) to be one of the Triple Elite player groups, and to have around 800 members worldwide, in love with all things gaming.

We run many community events, and our ongoing CQC Tuesday event is open to the community and has picked up a great following since its conception. We also run the Galactic United Nations in game Private Group which is open to all members of the community on all platforms, and which allows balanced and structured PvP.

What Can We Do For You?

Pixel Bandits offer a mature and welcoming atmosphere for players of all backgrounds and abilities all of our links are also available on the PB website but join the Elite Space Arm group linked below to join our Elite faction. We also have community groups, discord, Inara and other links for any interested.

Sea of Thieves Community - Join our open community

No Man's Sky - Join our Xbox Community

Subnautica - Join our Console Community

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See our latest Fundraising activities - PBSB18 for MIND

Latest squadron members

CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
HandsoapSombreroEliteFederal Corvette
CMNDR FatnuggzHarmless---------
Owen DuffeeTrailblazer---------PC
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