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About Phalanx Imperial League

Upon Joining the Phalanx Imperial League one may be greeted by hospitality and hardened by sheer commitment and dauntlessness. The minds of malice conquered through valor exploiting The Empire for its desire to expel evil and offer assistance for the war torned and famined. Become part of the pledge of righteousness endow opportunity unto others, and gain prominence by enlisting and fighting to defend The Empire.

Semper Fidelis CMDRs

Auxilium quod Imperium Populus

Only Xbox group as of right now

1. Understand English
2. Can be part of no other player faction/inara wing that is pledged to a superpower or a pirate group
3. Pledge self to imperial power(hq in Aisling duval territory)
4. Join wing Phalanx Empire league
5. Add Wing CMDR Degurechaf
6. Change ship name so it has in front of it INV=Imperial Navy Vessel (EX. INV Artemis)
7. Change ship id to PL-whatever number you want that can fit PL=Phalanx League (EX. PL-50)
8. Join xbox club Phalanx Empire League

Squadron info

Defense group for the empire

Name: Phalanx Imperial League
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Aisling Duval
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Sergeant Assam
    Members: 1
    Ships: 11
    Supporters: 2
    Squadron age: 780 days

    In coalition with: