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About Independent Defence Agency

Welcome to:

The Independent Defence Agency

Our Agency is an Elite Dangerous player group formed by Lawful Veterans and starters alike, dedicated to making human-occupied space a fun and adventurous environment.

Our core players are from the EU and the UK, but we are increasing our numbers around the world, especially in the USA and Canada. We are PC players, and unfortunately, we've closed down the applications from PS4 and XBOX until the game allows us to play across platforms.

We are a Discord based group.   Join

The IDA aims to be a community where commanders can have fun and enjoy playing the game, as well as being a place where new commanders can learn and ultimately:
Protect the vulnerable.

What We Do:

- Patrols -

As a Lawful group, we fight against Gankers, Griefers and any other kind of Galaxy bullies. We organise weekly patrols to protect New pilots around systems targeted by Gankers and Griefers. If you are a New Pilot interested in this, we strongly recommend our PvE and PvP training clubs. There you will improve your combat skills either in wings for 1v1 combat, in these clubs, you can ask, discuss, upload your videos, and meet with your mentors in the field to polish your skills.

- AntiXeno -

We have a very capable group of AntiXeno Mentors and Experts. In our AntiXeno channel, you will find very useful information and guides.  If you are interested our Mentors can help you to go through the process of engaging Thargoids, from Scouts to Interceptors. Our great Xeno Mentors will often organise Xeno Raids and Boot Camps for New Pilots.

- The Independent Defence Agency Faction -

We support our in-game faction, this is totally optional, but we find it adds enjoyment to your game by providing purpose and camaraderie as we seek to increase our influence throughout the galaxy.

We aim to protect our home systems, control and expand our borders whilst maintaining healthy economies within our controlled systems. We are a peaceful independent squadron preferring to create alliances with our neighbours but are not frightened to resort to force if required.

We do not have a PowerPlay allegiance but members may choose to participate in PowerPlay activities as they see fit, provided it does not harm our PMF.

- Ship Builds and Advice -

We have a special dedicated channel for ship builds where you can post your builds and ask our engineering experts how to improve your builds, no matter what kind, either exploration, mining, trading or combat.

- Exploration and Raxxla -

Our groups of explorers gather their intel about Raxxla and share their trips here. We also organise exploring sightseeing events for those who love exploring.

- Tournaments and Events-

We run internal PvP Tournaments and Events to improve our combat skills, with and without engineered ships, like Viper Tag or The Eagle Nest. We also do events just for fun, do you have a crazy idea? come and tell us! It's good to get together and have a good laugh. Let's all jump from a cliff together in our SRV's on to a T10's back!

We encourage:
-To play in Open (Open play keeps the doctors away)
-Consensual PvP
-Be active invoice when in-game if possible
-All forms of gameplay, Exploration, Trade, Mining, Bounty Hunting, Engineering, PowerPlay, Combat, Wing Missions, PMF Board Missions, System Expansion and Control

What We Provide:
-Mentoring and help for newer players (and veterans alike!)
-Organised events from time to time (Eagle Nest, Viper Tag, Viper King, SRV races, etc)
-Players on PC, Xbox & PS4
-An understanding that real life comes first and that your time is your own to do as you please
-Fun, casual gameplay, and a great group of friends

We Do Not Allow:
-Ganking or Griefing by our members. Whilst we allow and encourage consensual PvP, any form of Ganking or Griefing is not allowed and the member will be removed from the private channels and also from the in-game and Inara's Squadron. The member will be considered an Outlaw.
-Combat/Menu Logging (Using any means to exit the game during combat for any reason)
-Cheats, you will be reported to FDev.

Notice: We allow Outlaws in our public channels as long as they are respectful, so don't be surprised if you meet some foes in there.

Before applying to join the Inara Squadron or In-Game Squadron we need to meet you in our Discord:     Join

Looking forward to hearing from you Commanders!

Ps: If you are here looking to repair stations, you are in the wrong place, this is their link: Operation IDA

Squadron info

Name: Independent Defence Agency
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedOpenAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCThe Independent Defence Agency [TIDA]
  • PS4The Independent Defence Agency [TIDA]

Squadron commander: CMDR of the USS Enterprise
Members: 82
Ships: 1142
Supporters: 15
Squadron age: 964 days
Headquarters: Varam [Zebrowski Enterprise]
Minor faction: Independent Defence Agency

In coalition with:

Latest squadron members

CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Deadly VindicatorElite
Extreme cheeseEliteCobra Mk IV
Tyler WintersPioneer
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