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The Knights of the Earth can trace its origin to the division that occured in July 3303 in the Imperial Faction Scorpions Order based in HIP 35246. A dispute between the leadership in this faction resulted in the formation of the new faction, opposing the Scorpions Order.

A war ensued in which the Knights quickly prevailed under the leadership of Commander Zvire 30, the former Security Chief of Scorpions Order. During the initial stages of the conflict he recruited a former enemy of the Scorpions Order, Commander Silas Kruge, who, despite being with a federal group at the time, decided to accept the invitation and join the Empire. This was much due to his disenchanment with the Federation due to the weak leadership and lack of direction prevailing in the power.

After having beaten the Scorpions Order and forced a truce upon them, the Knights of the Empire remained first in the system of Addovik but later moved their base to the nearby system of Venexo. Here they settled and started working to expand their fledgling faction into nearby systems and work for the Empire.

These activites continued well into 3304, with many new members joining and new systems falling under the aegis of the Knights of the Empire. However, all was not well. Apart from Federal enemies, an Independent group called Civitas Dei, stationed more than a hundred light years from the sphere of influence claimed by the Knights, started to oppose the Knights of the Empire. At first these activities took the form of lone commanders conducting piracy activities in the Knight's systems. It was also clear that they were aided, if not lead and instigated, by former members of the Scorpions Order. The conflict between Civitas Dei and Knigts of the Empire was also made more volatile due to centuries old conflicts dating back to the czech national origin of both groups. The exact nature and reason ebhind this conflic is shrouded in the veil of time, but that did not make the conflict any less volatile.

After numerous provocations and incursions in the systems of the Knights, it became clear that the enemies of our clan were determined to udnermine and work against us. This all culminated in a massive incursion by Civitas Dei Commanders on October 28th 3304, which was apparently intended as a show of force and an attempt to intimidate the Knights into submission as they did not attack any Commanders, even if interdictions took place. The response from the Knights of the Empire took the only form it could given the massive threat presented by Civitas Dei, a declaration of war. This decition was not taken litghtly, especially as the enemy outnumbered us manyfold and we had little chance of prevailing in open conflict over time. Despite this, the Knights proceeded to travel to Civitas Dei space and attacked their commanders. Since then, an open conflict has excisted betwen the Knights and Civitas Dei.

Predicatbly, Civitas Dei was able to reduce the influence of the Knights of the Empire in their systems due to their vastly superior numbers. Even so, the Knights fought back valiently and scored substantially against Civitas Commanders. In order to maintain some cohesion in the systems still under the influence of the Knights, several attempts were made to convince the Imperial leadership, especially that of Aisling Duval, to whom the Knights had always been loyal, to help in the war. Sadly, these attempts continually failed and there were even forces within the Aisling Duval leadership that opposed us in the war and worked for our enemies.

After month upon month of opposing Civitas Dei in their own systems, working against their continuous attempts to expand their influence, it became clear that the Knights could not rely on any back-up and support from the Aisling Duval leadership, not any other factions of the Empire. The fact that certain other factions had previously attempted to expand in the sphere of influence of the Knights before the war with Civitas Dei broke out, contributed to erode the Knight's confidence and allegiance to the Empire.

After a final frutiless negotiation with the AD Command in an attempt to solicit aid for a local war that had broken out in the Knight's Home System of Venexo, in which one of the Knight's stations was at risk, it became clearer than ever to the Leadership of the Knights that only a final break with the Empire and a relocation of our forces and assets, would ensure a safe future for the clan.

This break was effected in early October 3305, the Knights moved their assets and focus into Federal space, joined Felicia Winters and decided to fight for the Federal cause, hoping to gain more support there. This was not done lightly as the Knights have always valued loyalty and trust, but these valuable characteristics being a two-way street and sadly lacking in reciprocity from the Empire, the Knights had no option in the end.

So now the Knights are the Knights of the Earth, due to the fact that several of its base members hail from Earth, are based in Federal space and have started a campaign of recruitment and consolidation, all the while working for the Federal cause and continuing the war against Civitas Dei.

The Knights are always looking for new recruits willing to accept our codex of Honor and Chivalry. If you feel qualified and want to join us in our cause, check us out on Discord:

- help for newbees
- PVP trainings
- multiplayers events
- rank system in clan motivate you connect more
- trading, mining ,exploring etc.

Squadron info

Allegiance: Federation
Power: Zachary Hudson
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

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In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Zvire30
    Members: 53
    Ships: 309
    Supporters: 8
    Squadron age: 958 days

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