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About Mould Federal Mining Incorporated

Mould Federal Mining Incorporated is a raw-materials suplier that has been partly-owned by the federation since 3301.

Initially mining and raw-material logistics made up the bulk of the company's activities. However, following several takeovers and corporate restructuring, Mould Federal Mining Incorporated now has divisions involved in:

- weapons development, production and distribution.
- bulk-transport solutions for a wide range of environments and industries.
- private security contracting.

Despite the humanitarian work the company undertakes as part of its Galactic Improvement organisation (a not-for-profit subsidiary that battles poverty, famine and  slavery/ human trafficking) and the success of its pharamaceutical division in developing medicines for diseases that kill millions every year, rumours abound of less savoury projects such as bio-weapons research and illegal stealth technology development.

There continue to be allegations of corruption at the highest levels as well as illegal influence on local system politics including bribery, blackmail and the disappearing or extradition of dissidents.

All such rumours are strenuously denied.

Squadron info

Mould Federal Mining Incorporated Established July 14th, 3303 We believe in stability and opportunity. That every citizen has the right to work towards their own success and that opportunity begins with a healthy, thriving economy. It is our goal to bring this stability and opportunity to those less fortunate throughout the galaxy.

Name: Mould Federal Mining Incorporated
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Jimboza
    Members: 5
    Ships: 72
    Supporters: 2
    Squadron age: 669 days
    Headquarters: Bhagui [Leavitt Port]
    Minor faction: Mould Federal Mining Incorporated

    In coalition with:


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