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About Black Void Syndicate

History: The Black Void Syndicate has operated in the shadows of the empire and federation for generations maintaining a staging area in Nu Guang while other sects have operated in their own sectors. Each sect is run by a lord as a microcosm of the larger Syndicate overall. These Lords answer to Comandante John Karrd. The Lords have their own sectors with their own commanders below them and in turn pay tribute to the Comandante to maintain their position and stature within the Black Void Syndicate.

While the major super powers have been focused on one another during their stalemate the Syndicate has used this time to rise to power as it works to loosely connect the criminal element in the galaxy. The Syndicate is comprised of smugglers, pirates, information brokers, slavers; if its illegal the Syndicate has a hand in it. The Syndicate has found that bribery and corruption has allowed for them to operate in the space of the three empires. However, with the presence of the Thargoids growing the Syndicate is looking to take advantage of this distraction for the superpowers to destabilize the governments of systems and throw them into Anarchy.  With that in mind we have our own Player Minor Faction in our home system Nu Guang and we are looking to spread them from system to system.

The seedy underbelly on the Ps4 has decided to unite together to form the Syndicate. This will be a place for the smugglers, pirates, data brokers, slavers, and even murderhobos affectionately known as The Wreckers to come together to make the most out of our less than reputable careers. We will be banding together so that we can find the best smuggling runs, the best pirating systems and allow for a more interactive community that the rest of your fellow commanders would rather ignore.

Share loadouts, share best practices, share systems, share what to be on the lookout for, find wings to better raid the space cows, join a crew to get your feet wet, find the credits

Share best loadouts, find the best builds, share ideas, find profitable runs, what to look for to find those profitable runs, showing new smugglers the ropes

Slave Trading
Find the best routes to trade slaves on the Black Market

The Wreckers
A covert terrorist arm of Black Void Syndicate, otherwise known as PvPers or Murderhobos.

The Black Void Syndicate Mission Statement:
We will extend our reach and influence deep throughout the universe of Elite Dangerous spreading corruption as we rise to power. If its illegal, we are involved. We use any means necessary to line our pocket books.

Fly in wings, fly in multi-crew, fly alone, but look to use the Syndicate to find your way in the galaxy and spread seeds of corruption in your part of space.

In Game Minor Faction
Black Void Syndicate

Find us as well at:
Elite Dangerous Forum: Black Void Forum Page
Discord: Black Void Discord

Squadron info

Criminal underbelly of Elite Dangerous. A band of Pirates and Smugglers that have united to spread their influence in order to allow criminals more room to operate freely among the superpowers. We use this as an opportunity to find profitable pirate and smuggling options and if we are successful allow manipulation of the BGS. Fly alone, in a wing, keep your current colors, but help spread the Syndicate amongst the stars.

Name: Black Void Syndicate
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPRelaxed/casualDevoted/hardcoreOpenFaction supportersPirates

In-game squadron name:
  • PS4Black Void Syndicate [BVSS]

Squadron commander: Auron_Leonhart_
Members: 21
Ships: 87
Supporters: 9
Squadron age: 825 days
Headquarters: Nu Guang
Minor faction: Black Void Syndicate

In coalition with:


CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Auron_Leonhart_EliteFederal Corvette---------PS4
Danger-UK-RangerFederal Corvette
NorsePaganPirateBrokerImperial Clipper---------
BALIN's BaneHarmless---------
Curvemn17EliteKrait MkII
LeogulousMerchantCobra Mk III
Lucif3r420HarmlessSidewinder Mk I---------
SetterLlewEliteAsp Explorer---------PS4
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