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About Up The Crack

An Anarchy-flavoured Anti-power Role playing wing.
Revenge of the minor factions!

Waaay back in the beginning, Chief Ray May and the Namab Purple Brothers occupied a power free space 'up the Crack' between DeLaine and Hudson.
Things were good. They based a smuggling network across 5 systems, with full control of Namab, Rabastyane, and a with a strong presence in BD-17 5832, Drevlyada, and LTT 8001.

Then, I don't know what happened, but suddenly there was a new major power in the area. Yuri Grom was his name. EG Pilots. Russians mostly.  There were HUNDREDS of them! They were good too, most of them. If they weren't, then they're probably dead now, haha.

Based just 3 jumps away in Clayakarma, and with a serious dislike of smuggling, we had no chance.

They smashed us out of Rabastyane.

They took our home system, Namab, as one of their control systems, & shut all the black markets down.

Many of us died in that battle for Namab.

The Namab Purple Brothers were smashed & scattered, but not defeated.

The families & children escaped south to LTT 8001, a land colony close to the controlling station, Payne Vista, and Bulychev Station

Some set up a land base in the far, far reaches of Drevlyada, Dukaj Works, and after some scraps with the local Drevlyada Camorra, we eventually took control of the orbiting base there, Borman Terminal.

And me? I set up a highly successful operation out of Valdes Ring in BD-17 5832.

Aisling Duval had moved into the area, and by some bizarre twist of fate BD-17 5832 (Bee Dee) was in the disputed zone between her & Grom, so Grom was unable to shut all the black markets down. Business went well, our influence increased, and it wasn't long before we took over control of Dupuy de Lome Survey military base there.

Chief Ray May disappeared for months, then rumours started circulating. Ray May and the Namab Purple Bros were back in business!
Some say he runs his operations from a hackers outpost in an asteroid base in the far reaches of Namab, called Pellegrino Escape, but due to the threat of assassins, or even a full blown military assault, it's location is a closely guarded secret.

Word is that he's recruiting and training an elite core of freedom fighters, terrorists if you prefer, to smash the local factions that have allowed, or even helped Grom to move in, and to run covert & highly dangerous missions against Yuri Grom and any other major powers that think they can bully us about in the space 'Up the Crack' between Grom, DeLaine, Hudson & Duval.

Squadron info

The Namab Purple Brothers' elite squad of freedom fighters. We oppose all interference from ANY major powers in our affairs. We work to reclaim and expand a power free zone, 'Up the Crack' between Delaine, Hudson, and now Grom. We support other minor factions opposing major powers.

Name: Up The Crack
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Yodebe
    Members: 2
    Ships: 27
    Supporters: 1
    Squadron age: 682 days
    Headquarters: Namab [Pellegrino Escape]
    Minor faction: Namab Purple Brothers

    In coalition with: