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About Colonia Citizens Network (CCN)

Great, you made it to Colonia Commander, excellent job.

Now you are here have you given any thought to what to do next?

You could run random missions, visit the sights, head off exploring or just generally hang out and meet people. All these are admirable past times. But, what if i told you can do all those things and hang out with a bunch of commanders that love to do similar things?

We are a group of CMDR's who have been in the region, some from the very beginning and others who arrived very recently. We like to get together and organise activities such as Small Ships Sunday where we get together, buy something like an eagle/vulture etc and go do some bounty hunting together. We have been known to run some short haul exploration trips too. We actively encourage open play in the region and feel it only serves to enrich the whole experience, although it is certainly not mandatory.

At CCN we believe in our members enjoying the game for what it is. If you want to explore thats great, if you want to Pew Pew, thats great too. If you want to help us and run missions for us we would love to have you. Anything you can do for us is a great help. CCN imposes minimal requirements on you, all we ask is that you do what you can when you can to help us. You should be aware however, that extended periods of unexplained inactivity may lead to you being removed from the faction.

So instead of wandering aimlessly round our beautiful region why not get involved in the CCN Faction and give purpose to your daily activities, make friends, make credits and most importantly have fun doing it. To get started click on the CCN logo below and it will connect you to our Discord server where we will welcome you and make you feel at home.

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Squadron info

Meet, Talk, Participate. Whether you fly solo, are a group leader, an explorer or a maverick Commander looking for a new start in the Colonia nebula, here’s the place to make things happen. Be The Network, Build The Future.

Name: Colonia Citizens Network (CCN)
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Wishblend
    Members: 14
    Ships: 161
    Supporters: 8
    Squadron age: 618 days
    Headquarters: Centralis [Phoenix Harbour]
    Minor faction: Colonia Citizens Network

    In coalition with: