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About Trident Fleet

         Trident Fleet is an Independent militia founded by pilots of all superpowers and ideals. With early roots in bounty hunting and war profiteering as independent contractors, the early CMDRs of Trident decided to band together in arms, starting the standing independent navy we now know today. While it has many combat focused wings, Trident Fleet also provides traders and explorers with a safe home, providing secure trade routes, and a vast knowledge of long distance expeditions.

       While independent due to the nature of their company mission and operations, the undertones of Alliance sympathy run with the Admiral of the fleet, who was born in Alioth. This however does not give any one particular superpower any precedence over another, quite the contrary! Trident's command staff hails from all over the bubble, and even some from beyond. Federal, Imperial, Alliance, and everyone in between has found a place in the ranks of Tridents navy. Some would see this as conflicting, but time and time again it has proven valuable to making informed and unbiased decisions in the operations the Fleet carries out.

         With a staff of knowledgeable officers, Trident has become a beacon of solid performance and reliability in a sea of competition and treachery. With a goal of keeping the human populated space secure, well stocked, and well recorded and explored, Trident Fleet continues to grow and expand its influence. Enlist today, and contact us on our discord for any questions, concerns, or requests. We accept all, from the newest Sidewinder pilot, to the tried and tested Elite Corvette captain.

      Our Team

     Here at Trident we have a place for everyone!

Trident Naval Division

For those looking for more combat oriented careers, we have the Trident Naval Division. With members specializing in PvE, and some in PvP, we offer missions and events to scratch your itch for some combat.

Trident Logistics Division

For those more interested in trade and exploration, we have the Trident Logistics Division, full of friendly traders and explorers willing to help even the newest member in their ranks.

Command Staff

      Fleet Marshal: JP Ookay, Admiral of the Fleet, Commanding Officer of Trident Fleet

      Marshal: Vladimirpmpn, Executive Officer of Trident Fleet

      Marshal: Its just Ginger, Commanding Officer of the Trident Naval Division

      Marshal: Larbo_Baggins, Commanding Officer of the Trident Logistics Division

Become a part of something bigger, join Trident Fleet today!

Squadron info

Starting in the year 3302 as a rag-tag coalition of pilots from all over human populated space, Trident Fleet has its hands nowadays in many different sectors. Primarily a private militia, it also has wings specializing in trade and exploration to uphold and maintain its network of supply and demand. With ties in all major superpowers, Trident can provide what you need, no matter the need or location.

Name: Trident Fleet
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Vladimirpmpn
    Members: 13
    Ships: 19
    Supporters: 7
    Squadron age: 784 days

    In coalition with:


    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    Larbo BagginsHarmless---------
    Archangel DogeRanger
    LostSandmanR35EliteFederal Corvette
    MWH HazeHarmless---------
    Recon Sniper A2Harmless---------XBox
    Roguewolfe1121MerchantEagle Mk II---------XBox
    TSB BeastMasterHarmless---------
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