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About Hanks Alliance of Anti-Xeno

Based out of HR 1183 Arc's Faith, we are predominantly an Anti Xeno Group. Saturday nights at 8PM AEST we run a Goid Killing Night, ALL are welcome please feel free to Join our discord our squadron name is HAAX if you wish to join us permanantly. Please be warned we are Australians the language can be foul, the mood is always Humerous and we quite often do other runs as well. We have many allies and work closely with the elite dangerous australia group, sq42, axi, ida and many more.

We do run a small BGS as well (Hanks Alliance of Anti-Xeno PMF) we seem to be in perpetual war in MEROPE so lots of coin to be made there.

We also run Guardian runs to help newer commanders unlock the required weapons and modules to get more into the anti-xeno part of the game.

Please be aware HAAX runs its own style of gameplay regarding ANTI-Xeno fights, based on a similar style of WOW, we have TANKS, Healers and dps and even to a point crowd control. its a unique way of playing the game, in recent weeks we have been running with some AXI members and have now seen how different our style is.

please feel free to add cmdr eaglejonno in game if you want to have a chat about joining the squadron or joining our goid nights. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR SQUADRON to join us on our fight nights.

o7 Commanders and ill see you in the Void.

Squadron info

Based out of HR 1183 we are a group dedicated to reducing the amount of thargoids in the area, Each SATURDAY night at 8.30PM Brisbane time we group up and wipe out an Array of Thargoid threats from the basic cyclops all the way upto the mighty Medusa's and now the HYDRA. We have become anti-aegis due to their stubborness of releasing arc's faith.

Name: Hanks Alliance of Anti-Xeno
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +10:00 (Brisbane)


In-game squadron name:
  • PCHanks Alliance of Anti-Xeno [HAAX]

Squadron commander: Eaglejonno
Members: 10
Ships: 387
Supporters: 14
Squadron age: 809 days
Headquarters: HR 1183
Minor faction: Hanks Alliance of Anti-Xeno

In coalition with:


CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
BearzirkerEliteImperial Cutter
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