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About Dark Echo


Born of a small pack of pirate-hunters protecting traders in the Lave cluster, Dark Echo grew to show what a small group of close-knit pilots can achieve with common goals: to fight against those who wish to bring harm to the innocent and peaceful, and to promote the freedom of trade.

As Dark Echo were among the first batch of player-factions added to the game, we are now approaching our 4th anniversary (April 3305). We are also one of the founding partners of GalCop, the Galactic Cooperative of Worlds, who collectively control over 200 systems, are one of the Hutton Truckers oldest allies, and a founding member of The Citadel Community.

From our headquarters within staggering distance of the storied ‘Disci Disco Bar and Grill’ at Snodgrass Orbital in Disci (103 ly from Sol) we have carefully nurtured the growth of our enlightened & freedom-loving ethos to all who have been misled by exploiters & blinded by demagogues


From our more-militaristic origins we have evolved into a more relaxed, inclusive model which is guided by the collective wisdom of ‘the dark council’. As our ‘prime directive’ is protect the innocent the only hard-and-fast rule we enforce is-

No piracy, griefing or ‘seal-clubbing’ of any kind, ever!

Beyond that, we encourage our pilots to ‘be the good guys’, to use only ‘clean’ methods & strategies to achieve our goals, even to regard npcs as ‘people’ in their own right!

Kraken Squad (BGS)

What many fail to realise is that the BGS was designed so that one single player can have sufficient impact per day on the influence balance of any particular system to make a meaningful difference. The biggest error that many PFs make is to use a ‘sledgehammer’ approach to the BGS, which invariably means having to work to undo ‘over enthusiastic’ results, especially in conflicts. Yes, there are occasions where ‘brute force’ is the best answer – but for most of the time a more precise, more elegant, more … surgical … approach has proven to be the most efficient way to maintain & grow our bubble.And as the bubble grows, so do the challenges, which usually fall into one of three categories:-

1: Maintenance of controlled systems (plate-spinning) especially during conflicts & expansions.
2: Management of asset acquisitions (ensuring they happen when WE want them to!).
3: Preparation of target systems (by ethical means – no cop-killing or shit-bombing)

Eagle 71 Squad (PVP)

The Eagles have returned.

The idea of Eagle 71 Squad is to provide players from all backgrounds a chance at PvP, while we hunt down the worst of the outlaws in the galaxy. All skill levels welcomed the squadron is strong and getting stronger. We offer training and sparring, help with engineering and ship building.

Our Network of Allies is strong and continually growing, with regular training and sparring between us all, including  WoW, CBRKAI, Ghost Legion and many others. We are a founding member of The Citadel and are helping to improve the relations of the PvP community in Elite Dangerous, while doing what we can to provide some much needed content to PvP.

Our Ethos is simple we drink, we fly, we blow stuff up and we protect the innocent.

Do you Share a similar ethos? Dark Echo is looking for new members, CMDR’s who share our core values and want to bring players from all corners of the galaxy and globe together to be a part of our wing, to share great times with one another while being able to be involved in shaping the galaxy as it changes and with the Thargoid threat looming no one should be alone. Remember where there is Darkness you will find an Echo.

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Latest squadron members

CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Jake ArmitageTycoon
Bradley HaywardTrailblazer---------PC
MasterflukeEliteFederal Corvette
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