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About Novingo Corporation

Greetings Commander,

We are a French wing with various activities such as...
  • Diplomacy:
    Diplomacy is our main activity. We are supporting our own minor faction -more informations below- since February 3303. Therefore we are very experienced into the BGS manipulation. This is a very interesting feature of Elite: Dangerous, so if you never tried that, do not hesitate to apply to our wing, it is with great pleasure that we will welcome you and teach you how it works.

  • Tourism:
    Passenger transport is a very significant feature in our wing, as it is the theme of our minor faction. A lot of our lore is based on that, and it offers a lot of possibilities of events. It is today one of the most rewarding feature in the game so do not hesitate to try it out if you are bored of grinding !

  • Exploration:
    Exploration is somehow linked to Tourism as it sometimes required hours of jumping to reach a destination, but it always makes you discover grandiose places. We want to organize as often as possible new expeditions to solve all the mysteries of our galaxy.

  • Trading:
    Trading is where almost every Commanders have started. Some years ago it was the best way to make profit but it is no longer the case. However, it is an activity that we want to support, as it can be very powerful to manipulate the BGS.
Of course every new Commander is welcome even if you are specialized in an other field. In the same way, our members are always in favor of trying new activities.

As we said earlier, we have our own player faction, called Foyama Novingo Startourism. It is located in a very well placed system called GD 140. We have a strong lore about it and a community goal have been suggested to terraform the first planet of the system and to rename it. We also want to organize an expedition in order to discover some places where could be built tourism infrastructure, but it have not been submited to Frontier yet.

The Novingo Corporation was born centuries ago, in Western Europe, on Earth. It started as a simple merchandise seller. In 2042, when the humanity made its first steps on Mars, the Novingo Corporation has been charged of realizing the replenishment of the space colonies. With the meteoric rise that followed in this field, the Novingo Corporation became the fifth trillionaire company in 2060. The following centuries were not so glorious. Indeed, the Novingo Corporation has been restricted by governments that feared that it can become one in its own right. In 2316, two years after the creation of the Empire, the superpower finally offered to the Novingo Corporation the possibility to develop its activities. The corporation agreed on the condition not to isolate himself in the sparsely populated areas of the Empire at the time. Three years later, the Novingo Corporation bought a little moon called GD 140 A 9 a in an unoccupied system called GD 140.

In this same system, the Novingo Corporation acquired the local passenger transport company in 3299, until then called Foyama Liners. The new branch of the corporation was then renamed Foyama Novingo Startourism. In the months that followed, Foyama Novingo Startourism multiplied the VIP and diplomatic transports, making a certain reputation in this sector. The citizens of GD 140 were so proud of Foyama Novingo Startourism that they propelled the corporation on the political scene of the region. On the 26th of February 3303, the corporation was elected in the Levi-Montalcini Port and in the Viehbock Dock, and on the 25th of September on the same year, Foyama Novingo Startourism got the control of the Bosch Enterprise.

As we are currently looking for new members, there is absolutly no restrictions for you to apply. Of course we prefer French-speaking members as we are a French wing, but it would be fine if you just speak English.

Squadron info

Name: Novingo Corporation
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Independent
Language: French


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Nithingale
    Members: 1
    Ships: 11
    Supporters: 2
    Squadron age: 420 days
    Headquarters: GD 140 [Liwei Terminal]
    Minor faction: Foyama Novingo Startourism

    In coalition with: