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About Artemis Corporation

Humble Beginnings

In late January 2018, CMDR James Fury posted an announcement on the Elite Dangerous Community Facebook page. It was a call for CMDRs to join a new player faction named Artemis Corporation. Roughly a dozen CMDRs answered his call and banded together under the (mistaken) assumption that we would need to be an established, in-game player faction in order to attain access to the awesome new fleet carriers that Frontier had recently promised to their players.  Most of us didn’t know each other.  We all played the game differently.  We had no idea of what we wanted Artemis to be or to accomplish, other than to have fun in the game (and get a fleet carrier).

We've Kicked Ass

Over a year later Artemis Corporation has been inserted into the game, gained control of our home system, and created a “mini-bubble” of Artemis space.  We’ve forged alliances with numerous other factions, improved our BGS and PvP skills, and formed bonds of friendship so strong that we barely noticed when Frontier announced that fleet carriers - our initial reason for existing – were not arriving in 2018.  We were too busy having fun and building a reputation in the ED community as professional, dependable CMDRs - the type of guys you want with you whether you’re using diplomacy, BGS manipulation, or combat to achieve your objectives.

Who We Are & What We Do

Our roster has stabilized into a core of active players who enjoy exploration, PvE combat (vs human NPCs, not Thargoids), PvP combat, Mining, Trading, and BGS manipulation.  We also have numerous casual players who join in when they feel the urge to fly among the stars.  Our core group is a terrific group of guys who are always looking for other active players to join and share the fun, and we also welcome new players who want a bit of guidance with the vast and intricate game that we all love.

We spend our time in pursuit of Artemis BGS objectives, PvP training, exploration expeditions, engineering, and all manner of competitive games.  We also offer our services to other factions who need PvE combat support or help with their BGS objectives, and we also frequent Community Goal systems, in search of griefers and gankers who prey on traders and new CMDRs trying to contribute to the CG.  We don’t always win, and we’re often outnumbered, but we fight anyway, because the griefers can’t bother CMDRs working the CG, if the bad guys are too busy shooting at us.

Who We Want to Be

These days we focus on having fun and enjoying tight knit camaraderie as we achieve short term goals, but we have bigger plans for Artemis, once we have built a large enough group of active, regular players.  We have numerous ideas for fun, exciting competitive events – most of which have never been offered to the E:D Player Community before.  We want to organize these events on a large scale for the Community to enjoy and make a name for ourselves as the Galactic game masters and ring leaders of the best time to be had anywhere in the Milky Way.

We Need Your Help

Whether you’re brand new to the game or an alpha-backer, (and whether you play daily or a few times a month,) Artemis Corporation is the place for you if you’re looking for a great group of players who love to laugh, support each other, and have amazing fun as we pursue varied in-game interests.  We enjoy mentoring new players and learning new things from experienced commanders.  We eagerly welcome you to the best in-game player faction in the Galaxy.  Granted, our opinion may be slightly biased, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Join us today and see for yourself.

Joining Us Has Never Been Easier

Step 1: Read our Creed.

Step 2: If our Creed describes the kind of Commander that you are (or want to be), please join our Discord server, introduce yourself, and tell us that you agree to follow our Creed. (The Discord Invitation is at the bottom of the Creed's page).

Step 3: Join our wing on Inara.

Step 4: Hang out with us on Discord, play the game, and get to know us.  This will give you a chance to see if you like the way we do business, and we'll have a chance to make sure you're a decent, relatively normal person who's going to stick around and interact with us.  If all goes well, we'll make you a full member in a week or two after you agree to abide by our Creed.

Artemis Corporation In-game Lore

The Artemis Corporation was founded in 2300.  Originally a construction and terraforming supply company, ATC capitalized on opportunities created by the great expansion into the frontier.  Unhappy with the corporate strangleholds that were an inevitable part of doing business with Federation entities, the original Board of Directors aligned corporate interests with fringe elements on the frontier, including  Marlin Duval on Achenar 6D.

The corporation’s anti-Federation stance and alliances with the Duvals positioned it to play a key role during the invasion of Achenar in 2324.  The Artemis fleet formed important links in the Imperial supply chains before and during the Great Battle of Liberation.  Thereafter, Artemis Corporation coordinated with Imperial forces to extend supply lines and protect ground assets that were vital to the Imperial war machine.

By the time the war ended in 2380, Artemis Corporation was well established in the Artemis system and and was flush with credits earned during the conflict.  The Board of Directors had changed members over the years, and the new Board sought to diversify corporate interests outside of the Empire.  This decision proved to be a mixed blessing.  It ensured that Artemis Corporation would be versatile and diversified enough to survive for centuries to come, but it also caused numerous Imperial backers to abandon the corporation.

This lack of capital put ATC in an inferior position on the galactic market, which led to a decline in profits and loss of assets. Despite this setback, various Artemis divisions regularly did business with TerraCorp, Sirius, GalCop, Weaver-Dreyfuss, Argent Amalgamated Aerodynamics, and all other major shipbuilders, but ATC's relatively small portfolio was was overshadowed by the megacorporations such that Artemis never rose back into the spotlight.

In 3240, after centuries of slowly hemorrhaging wealth and influence, ATC was forced out of their home system by the Artemis Holdings company.  ATC conserved resources by remaining a mobile company thereafter, and did not re-establish themselves in any particular system or space station.  Thanks to a series of bad leaders and worse decisions, the company continued to decline until it was reduced to a single fleet carrier, the ATC Eris, and a skeleton crew.

In January of 3304, Artemis Corporation was bought by a small consortium of independent investors led by Commander James Fury, who immediately set to restoring the company to its former glory.  Since then, the corporation has more than tripled it staff of full-time personnel.  The ATC Eris is repaired and fully operational.  The corporation has regained recognition of the super powers and has been licensed to occupy the Saisiyat system. They've gained full control of Saisiyat and are expanding influence and business to neighboring systems.  They've also formed an alliance with the East India Company, the current owners of the Artemis system, and have secured permission to return to their old home at will. The corporation has a fresh direction and trendy goals, and there's no end in sight for the booming good fortune that has breathed new vitality into the little corporation.

Squadron info

Welcome to Artemis Corporation, where all players are welcome regardless of their experience or preferences with Elite Dangerous. We do all occupations and have tremendous fun in the process. This is a place for players to get to know each other and learn anything they need to blaze their own trail. We are recruiting active players in all professions and at all skill levels. If you play the game regularly and are looking for a fantastic group to fly with, this is the place for you!

Name: Artemis Corporation
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:
  • PCArtemis Corporation [ATC0]
  • XBoxArtemis Corporation [ATCX]

Squadron commander: Gumster1001
Members: 144
Ships: 969
Supporters: 13
Squadron age: 728 days
Headquarters: Saisiyat [Dalgarno Ring]
Minor faction: Artemis Corporation

In coalition with:

Latest squadron members

CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
black countryEntrepreneur---------PC
Tetra TrashMerchantImperial Courier---------PC
HypirionPathfinderAsp Explorer
Darklink1010PathfinderImperial Clipper
Armin SaberlinSurveyor---------PC
Ran SunnasaxElite---------PC
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