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About Artemis Corporation

Who We Are
Artemis Corporation (ATC0) is an in-game minor faction based at Dalgarno Ring in the Saisiyat system.  We are comprised of PC players from numerous nations and US states, who have joined together to form one of the most supportive, fun, and diverse factions in the Milky Way.  Our origins, lore, and location in the galaxy align us loosely with the Empire, but in practice we pay little attention to galactic politics or Power Play.

Our members are encouraged to play the game however they want and do whatever they want, as long as they don't engage in non consensual PvP or griefing against peaceful or innocent players.  We train, play, laugh, and relish a sense camaraderie that enriches the gaming experience in ways that defy description.  You'll just have to experience it for yourself to see!

What we do
Our Commanders do a little bit of everything. We love to explore and experiment with different aspects of gameplay.  That being said, our current members have chosen to focus primarily on trade, BackGround Simulation (BGS) manipulation, and Player vs Player (PvP) combat.  We also fight human nonplayer characters (NPCs) and Thargoids, smuggle, mine, salvage, deliver passengers, and explore, but these activities are pursued less fervently than the first three.

Artemis Corporation is extremely successful.  Most of our commanders are worth hundreds of millions, with numerous billionaires among us.  This affluence is due to our dedicated traders in Hermes Squadron.  Their tireless efforts help all of us to profit so that we can buy the ships and modules we want, and be less concerned with ship rebuys, which frees us to play and enjoy the game however we want.  New members who choose to participate in our trade programs will see substantial profits in a short time after joining.

BGS Manipulation
ATC0 gained full control of the Saisiyat system and then turned its focus outward to nearby systems.  We launched a campaign of diplomacy and expansion with the intent of securing our local mini-bubble of the galaxy.  We've made alliances with most of our neighboring player factions, and are currently expanding to systems that are not controlled or earmarked by our allies.  If you want to learn about the BGS, Artemis is the place for you.

We are the good guys.  The Milky Way can be unpleasant and dangerous thanks to the efforts of a few toxic players who enjoy ruining the game for everyone else.  Artemis Corporation stands against these forces of chaos, entropy, and ugly human nature.  We defend and protect others to the best of our ability, even if it requires the ultimate sacrifice.  Our personnel strive to provide an example for other players to follow.

Ares Squadron heads our combat efforts.  We have a few seasoned PvP pilots who comprise our Spartans combat group, but many of us are relatively new to the PvP experience.  However, we learn quickly and improve every week, and we are always happy to welcome combat pilots of any skill level into our ranks. We're happy to train you and help with engineering to make you a force to be reckoned with.

Our Code of Conduct outlines the basics you need to know, understand, and agree with prior to fighting in PvP combat as an Artemis recruit.  Once you’ve joined our Fleet Academy, you’ll be introduced to our advanced rules of engagement and wing operations procedures.

Community Events
Artemis Corporation is gearing up to provide a number of well-organized and fun community events in 2019.  We can't reveal the details of these events yet, but some of them will be brand new to the galaxy.  We're planning fantastic community experiences for years to come.

Employment Perks
  1. Belong to the best up-and-coming faction in the galaxy.
  2. Have fun, get support, receive training, teach, and laugh every day.
  3. Benefit from organized command structures and established, efficient faction procedures (see our bylaws for full information).
  4. Be randomly selected to receive ship paint jobs or body kits as a reward for active participation.

Coming Soon:
  • Enjoy a robust system of honorary titles, awards, and ranks that mesh seamlessly with E:D Squadrons and reward players with exclusive emblems.
  • Show off your cool rank insignias and Artemis ID card.
  • Gain access to our credit account with the East India Company to help you unlock engineers.
  • Explore with a free full-access membership.

Who We Need
Artemis Corporation welcomes commanders in all professions at any skill level.  Casual and infrequent players are as welcome as hardcore E:D addicts, but the corporation is focused on recruiting active, regular players to assist us with numerous current and planned initiatives.  If you play a few times a week (or more!) we need you.

We desperately need explorers!  We have a few dedicated adventurers out in the Deep Black, but we need more.  We are striving to flesh out Astraeus Squadron so they can take a larger role in corporate initiatives and contribute their skills to support BGS manipulation and community events.

Getting Hired Has Never Been Easier
Step 1: Read our Code of Conduct.

Step 2: If you can abide by our Code, join our Discord server, introduce yourself, and tell us that you agree to the terms of the Code. (The Discord Invitation is at the bottom of the Code of Conduct)

Step 3: Join our wing on Inara.

Step 4: Hang out with us on Discord, play the game, and get to know us.  This will give you a chance to see if you like the way we do business, and we'll have a chance to make sure you're a decent, relatively normal person who's going to stick around and actually interact with us.  If all goes well, we'll make you a full member in a week or two after you accept the Code.

Our Origin
The Artemis Corporation was founded in 2300.  Originally a construction and terraforming supply company, ATC0 capitalized on opportunities created by the great expansion into the frontier.  Unhappy with the corporate strangleholds that were an inevitable part of doing business with Federation entities, the original Board of Directors aligned corporate interests with fringe elements on the frontier, including  Marlin Duval on Achenar 6D.

The corporation’s anti-Federation stance and alliances with the Duvals positioned it to play a key role during the invasion of Achenar in 2324.  The Artemis fleet formed important links in the Imperial supply chains before and during the Great Battle of Liberation.  Thereafter, Artemis Corporation coordinated with Imperial forces to extend supply lines and protect ground assets that were vital to the Imperial war machine.

By the time the war ended in 2380, Artemis Corporation was well established in the Artemis system and and was flush with credits earned during the conflict.  The Board of Directors had changed members over the years, and the new Board sought to diversify corporate interests outside of the Empire.  This decision proved to be a mixed blessing.  It ensured that Artemis Corporation would be versatile and diversified enough to survive for centuries to come, but it also caused numerous Imperial backers to abandon the corporation.

This lack of capital put ATC0 in an inferior position on the galactic market, which led to a decline in profits and loss of assets. Despite this setback, various Artemis divisions regularly did business with TerraCorp, Sirius, GalCop, Weaver-Dreyfuss, Argent Amalgamated Aerodynamics, and all other major shipbuilders, but ATC0's relatively small portfolio was was overshadowed by the megacorporations such that Artemis never rose back into the spotlight.

In 3240, after centuries of slowly hemorrhaging wealth and influence, ATC0 was forced out of their home system by the Artemis Holdings company.  ATC0 conserved resources by remaining a mobile company thereafter, and did not re-establish themselves in any particular system or space station.  Thanks to a series of bad leaders and worse decisions, the company continued to decline until it was reduced to a single fleet carrier, the ATC Eris, and a skeleton crew.

In January of 3304, Artemis Corporation was bought by a small consortium of independent investors led by Commander James Fury, who immediately set to restoring the company to its former glory.  Since then, the corporation has more than tripled it staff of full-time personnel.  The ATC Eris is repaired and fully operational.  The corporation has regained recognition of the super powers and has been licensed to occupy the Saisiyat system. They've gained full control of Saisiyat and are expanding influence and business to neighboring systems.  They've also formed an alliance with the East India Company, the current owners of the Artemis system, and have secured permission to return to their old home at will. The corporation has a fresh direction and trendy goals, and there's no end in sight for the booming good fortune that has breathed new vitality into the little corporation.

Squadron info

Welcome to Artemis Corporation, where all players are welcome regardless of their experience or preferences with Elite Dangerous. We do all occupations and have tremendous fun in the process. This is a place for players to get to know each other and learn anything they need to blaze their own trail. We are recruiting active players in all professions and at all skill levels. If you play the game regularly and are looking for a fantastic group to fly with, this is the place for you!

Name: Artemis Corporation
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:
  • PCArtemis Corporation [ATC0]

Squadron commander: Citizen Five
Members: 67
Ships: 450
Supporters: 10
Squadron age: 383 days
Headquarters: Saisiyat [Dalgarno Ring]
Minor faction: Artemis Corporation

In coalition with:

Latest squadron members

CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Sneake LlamaEliteFederal Corvette
Johan WagnerElite---------PC
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