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About Sisters of Meropis


Founded in 2727, the Sisters of Meropis hail from Anna Ceri in the Meropis system, descended from the earliest matriarchs of the distant terraformed world's settlement of New Laurentia. The Sisters are well-known in the region for their strict code of honour and respect, as well as their equanimous attitude in political and personal interactions. The Sisters seek to uphold their home system as a beacon of honour, virtue, and dignity, passing on the teachings that have allowed them to survive and prosper in the harsh desert of the planet Anna Ceri. They favour a lasting peace between the galactic superpowers, and hold respect towards all life, including non-human life forms.

Having slowly faded away almost a century ago, they returned from decades of self-imposed exile to the Meropis system in 3304, seeking to recreate the harmonious, cooperative society that existed in their original koinonia, or "beloved community" — helping all Méropes to live and work as artisans of the common good, and to share one another's burdens in a tumultuous galaxy. Independent of the superpowers and committed to non-violence, they strive to spread their own teachings far beyond the star system their order was born in, with the hope of ultimately bringing greater peace, harmony, and unity to the rest of the galaxy.


Who we are

• The Sisters believe in the bonds that unite the universe — between matter and energy as well as individuals, societies, and civilizations.
• The Sisters champion an ethos that promotes these bonds, arguing that these bonds are what creates the light of the universe: of its myriad stars, nebulae, and galaxies.
• The Sisters follow the teachings of those who came before them, whose common bonds allowed them to survive a harsh pilgrimage across the desert to settle in a hostile and unforgiving land.
• The Sisters labour to end suffering in the galaxy, using their talents to bring a swift end to outbreaks, famines, wars, and other calamities that have afflicted human societies throughout history.
• The Sisters advocate peace between the powers of the galaxy, believing that a bright future can only be forged if all human beings work together.
• The Sisters respect the dignity of all human beings and other forms of life, including extraterrestrial species, and refrain from acts of violence except in necessary self-defence.
• The Sisters nurture others, not for their own glory or popularity, but so that others will treat themselves with kindness, and out of that self-love, use their own lives to spread that same kindness throughout the galaxy, and as a result, wound others less.
• The Sisters live as "artisans of the common good", using every action of theirs, no matter how small, to influence galactic society in a positive manner, with the hopes that their lives will inspire others to follow in their footsteps.



We seek to protect the interests of Aisling Duval within the LHS 4031 sphere, ensuring that her fortification triggers remain as low as possible, as gratitude for Princess Aisling and the Empire at large allowing the Sisters to exist and prosper within their space. Individual Sisters, however, are not required to participate in this work, and freely explore, trade, and pursue other endeavours in the galaxy. Our primary objective is making the galactic community a friendlier place, where all can pursue their interests without needless conflict. All are welcome to participate in this cause.


Squadron info

The Sisters of Meropis exist to promote awareness of the bonds that exist between all beings in the galaxy, live as "artisans of the common good" and use their talents to create a more peaceful and harmonious galaxy. They are opposed to conflict between the superpowers, and strive to protect the dignity of all beings in the galaxy.

Name: Sisters of Meropis
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Aisling Duval
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

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In-game squadron name:
  • PCSisters of Meropis [SISM]

Squadron commander: Suhono
Members: 2
Ships: 30
Supporters: 1
Squadron age: 564 days
Headquarters: Meropis [Laura Elizabeth]
Minor faction: Sisters of Meropis

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